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Wayne Yoshioka

House Transportation Committee Extends GET Surcharge for Rail Transit for an Unspecified Period

State funding for the Honolulu Rail Transit project cleared a critical hurdle in the House today. HPR’s Wayne Yoshioka reports.

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British Police Arrest 8 In Investigation Into London Attack That Left 4 Dead

Updated at 4:30 a.m. ET Thursday British authorities have made eight arrests in their investigation into Wednesday's attack in London, police said Thursday morning . Mark Rowley, the national lead for counterterrorism policing, told reporters that there were four dead, including the attacker, and 29 people have been treated in hospitals. Seven people are in critical condition, he said. Police had earlier said there were five dead including the attacker. Overnight, police raided properties,...

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Wayne Yoshioka

State Representative Beth Fukumoto announced today she is resigning from the Republican Party following two months of input from her Mililani constituents.   She says her troubles with the Hawai’i GOP started a while ago but came to a head when Donald Trump won the Presidency.

Wayne Yoshioka

State funding for the Honolulu Rail Transit project cleared a critical hurdle in the House today.  HPR’s Wayne Yoshioka reports.   

Making Art Happen

Mar 22, 2017
noe tanigawa
noe tanigawa

Great art does not just happen.  It has to be nurtured to become a rich conversation about this place and time—that’s how it becomes valuable to generations hence.    HPR’s Noe Tanigawa continues a series of reports on how  people and businesses investing in local art are building the way our time will be remembered.

Wayne Yoshioka

An estimated 43 percent of private sector workers in Hawai’i lack paid sick leave.   As HPR’s Wayne Yoshioka reports, state lawmakers are attempting to address this issue.

Wayne Yoshioka

City lawmakers will be voting Wednesday to advance a bill that could ban the use of mobile electronic devices in certain instances for safety reasons.  HPR’s Wayne Yoshioka reports.


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  Today on Bytemarks Café, we’ll learn how Purple Maiʻa has taken the concept of the Hackathon and given it a new twist. We’ll find out how Hawaiian culture plays a key role in the hackathon process and guides teams toward the Purple Prize.

Laurie Sumiye

Funding Conservation with Development; UH Administrator Cited in Travel ban Ruling; Eco-Art

Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons

March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month, and if you're over 50, and have not done this essential test, then it's time to learn about all of your options to prevent this potentially treatable disease. From home kits to colonoscopies and more, we'll talk about the best way to screen and detect early-stage colon cancer which might just save a life.

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Dissonant Politics of ACA Replacement; Pacific Nations Prepare for Natural Disaster; The Operatic Massie Affair

Classical Pacific

22 hours ago

The finest of the world’s classical music to ease your afternoon drive. Featured on this newest of HPRʻs classical music programs will be the great orchestras, artists, and opera companies of the Pacific region, including Hawai‘i’s own.  Every other Friday, a special segment called “The Big Ears Club” will introduce young listeners to the joys of classical music.

The Early Muse with Ian Capps

23 hours ago

Sundays at 9 PM on HPR-1

Hawaiian Word of the Day

For the caller who wanted to know what puana meant, as in the line so commonly used in the last verse of a song. In that case, puana means the attack or beginning of a song. Haʻina ʻia mai ana ka puana just means to start to tell the summary, refrain of the song.

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