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Wayne Yoshioka

Largest Honolulu Harbor Expansion Project in State History Starts

A groundbreaking ceremony was conducted today for the largest expansion of Honolulu Harbor in the state’s history. HPR’s Wayne Yoshioka reports.

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Naval Commanders In 2 Deadly Ship Collisions To Be Charged With Negligent Homicide

The U.S. Navy announced Tuesday that the commanding officers of two vessels involved in separate collisions in the Pacific Ocean last year will face court-martial proceedings and possible criminal charges including negligent homicide. The statement by Navy spokesman Capt. Greg Hicks says the decision to prosecute the commanders, and several lower-ranking officers as well, was made by Adm. Frank Caldwell. As the Two-Way reported : "In June, the USS Fitzgerald collided with a Philippine-flagged...

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Wayne Yoshioka

A groundbreaking ceremony was conducted today for the largest expansion of Honolulu Harbor in the state’s history. HPR’s Wayne Yoshioka reports.

noe tanigawa
noe tanigawa

Many were surprised by results of the 2016 election, meaning, they were surprised by the number of people who support Trump and his views.  Over 100 thousand people voted for President Trump in Hawai‘i and a national group with a new chapter here is activating to advance right wing views.  HPR’s Noe Tanigawa reports.

Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons

Mauna Loa is the largest active volcano on earth and makes up more than half of Hawai'i Island's land mass. Its last eruption was nearly 34 years ago, but over a longer time frame time. It’s erupted every 5 to 6 years with the potential to reach far flung parts of the island. As part of “Volcano Awareness Month,” scientists at Hawaiian Volcano Observatory are hosting workshops to inform the community. From Hawai'i Island, contributing reporter Sherry Bracken has more.

Wayne Yoshioka

Governor David Ige addressed the state on network television last night. He said he will not take it out on Hawai’i Emergency Management Agency personnel for the false missile attack alert and asked those who call in death threats to EMA staff to stop.

courtesy of Shawn A. Laatsch

For this week’s Stargazer, HPR All Things Considered Host Dave Lawrence speaks with Christopher Phillips about another discovery on the Red Planet, this time, having to do with water.

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Today on Bytemarks Café, Burt and Ryan will find out how a local bank is helping to nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs.

The guys will hear about the KeikiCo Business Plan competition and how student teams can win up to $25,000 for their school.


Hawai'i Island's Response to False Alarm; Civil Engagement

a-mblomma / Pixabay
a-mblomma / Pixabay

Finding the right cancer treatment. It's more than just picking a place, it's picking a hospital that treats you like your home and covers all aspects of your cancer care. Today on The Body Show, Dr. Kathy Kozak talks with a childhood friend that has faced this challenge and won.

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Evening Concert

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Weekdays at 6pm on HPR-2

Evening Concert gives listeners a chance to unwind through the pau hana hours. You'll enjoy classic performances, along with weather updates and musical birthdays and anniversaries.


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The finest of the world’s classical music to ease your afternoon drive. Featured on this newest of HPRʻs classical music programs will be the great orchestras, artists, and opera companies of the Pacific region, including Hawai‘i’s own.  Every other Friday, a special segment called “The Big Ears Club” will introduce young listeners to the joys of classical music.

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Hawaiian Word of the Day: January 16th

16 hours ago

Many Hawaiian words make so much sense that you can put them together yourself to make other words. Hale means “house,” and lio means “horse.” So how would you say stable? Hale lio. A stable.

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