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National Weather Service
National Weather Service

Tropical Storm Madeline Continues to Weaken

Tropical Storm Madeline’s winds slow to around 65 mph as it comes within 100 miles of Hilo prompting a flood advisory for the east side of the island.
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African Elephant Population Declines By 30 Percent

A $7 million, comprehensive census of African elephants has found that the population decreased by nearly a third between 2007 and 2014.The Great Elephant Census was conducted over three years, and set out to effectively count every savanna elephant in 18 countries in Africa, accounting for 93 percent of the savanna elephants in those countries. The conclusion — that the population declined by 144,000 animals in just seven years — is sobering.The results were published in the journal PeerJ....
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Ready, Set, IUCN!

6 hours ago


The World Conservation Congress of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature or IUCN starts tomorrow at the Hawai‘i Convention Center and the Neal Blaisdell Center.

Wayne Yoshioka

AARP Hawai’i honored lawmakers and partners today who helped pass key legislation to assist seniors.   The celebration As HPR’s Wayne Yoshioka reports, the race for Honolulu Mayor tops the list for O’ahu voters.

Wikipedia Commons
Wikipedia Commons

Honolulu City officials are scrambling to make the final adjustments before the IUCN World Conservation Congress. Around 8,000 delegates and dignitaries are expected to attend the nine day event which kicks off on Thursday.  A potential visit from President Obama has also heightened levels of security and traffic issues.

noe tanigawa
noe tanigawa


President Obama is coming to the world conservation congress in Honolulu to herald the creation of the world's largest ecologically protected area, Papahanaumokuakea. The northwestern sweep of Hawai’i’s archipelago is a treasure for biologists, marine scientists, archaeologists, cultural practitioners, naval historians, and others.  HPR’s Noe Tanigawa reports mysterious stone figures are among the items featured in a new exhibit at the Bishop Museum. 


HPR-Produced Talk Shows


Bytemarks Café: Technology and Conservation

With the World Conservation Congress in full swing, we’ll find out how the community can get involved in conservation efforts? We’ll explore how projects using smartphones, internet access and data, can assist citizen scientists in finding solutions.
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Kulani Cone Updates

Work on the antenna towers on Kulani Cone, above Hilo, has accelerated since receiving permission from the tower's owner to make the necessary structural repairs.

Our tower crews have replaced the rusty sections with a new antenna-support bracket system and the 700-pound antenna is ready to be lifted into place, once weather conditions allow. Meanwhile, transmitters and other essential inside equipment have been wired up and are ready to activate. Microwave links, which will take HPR's signal from our Honolulu studio across the oceans to the Kulani Cone tower site, are also ready to install.
Storms moving across Hawaiʻi island will temporarily delay work, but crews will likely resume after the Labor Day weekend.

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Hawaiian Word of the Day

Kahaluʻu, the proper name for a beautiful Windward Oʻahu location. It means diving place. Kaha is “place” and luʻu is “diving.” Be sure to sound the glottal stop, or ʻokina.

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Latin Beat with Ray Cruz

Wednesdays at 8 PM on HPR-2. Latin Beat shares music and information regarding Afro Cuban Latin Jazz. Host Ray Cruz connects the dots for the listener as he tells the story via music so that the audience feels surprised, entertained and moved. "Latin Beat.....music to make your ears smile"
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