Burt Lum

Co-Host, Bytemarks Cafe

Burt Lum is Executive Director of Hawaii Open Data, a non-profit dedicated to advancing the principles of open data and has more than 30 years in Hawaii's technology and communications sector. He is an Instructor at University of Hawaiʻi in the Information & Computer Science Dept. and teaches Intro to Social Media. He also teaches Social Media for Emergency Response and Recovery for the National Disaster Preparedness Training Center. At the City and County of Honolulu, he is a Community Manager for their Open Data - Citizen Engagement Initiative.

Past engagements include founding member of the Innovation Center at HMSA, Senior Product Manager at Hawaiian Telcom, CEO/President of Hawaiʻi data center startup NetEnterprise and work at the Maui High Performance Computing Center.

His online activities include social media, community building, blogging, video and audio podcasting, content curation, and citizen journalism. For the last six years, he has planned and coordinated a variety of grassroots technology events including CityCamp, Code for Hawaii, and the Unconferenz. He is also on the board of Common Cause and Jodo Mission of Hawaii.

First we'll look at the latest tech news and happenings in Hawaii and beyond. Then joining us today is Hoala Greevy here to tell us about his new app Dare Share. Finally, we'll learn about some of the science experiments being conducted on the voyaging canoes Hokule'a and Hikianalia on their World Wide Voyage.

  First we'll look at the latest tech news and happenings in Hawaii and beyond. Then joining us today is Evan Rapoport from Google to tell us about some new features with Google Maps. Finally, we'll talk to recent graduates from the first cohort of Blue Startups companies and find out what's next on their startup journey.

  First we'll look at the latest tech news and happenings in Hawaii and beyond. Then joining us today is Carey & Brandon Bennett from Happy Hour Hawaii to tell us about their nation wide rollout. Finally, we find out from Russel Cheng and Tim Dick about the Honolulu chapter of the Founders Institute and how it's helping to build the entrepreneurial startup ecosystem.

We're joined by the University of Hawaii Economic Research Organization to learn about their new “dashboard project.”  With an emphasis on visualization and input from the community, UHERO is building rich snapshots of the Hawaii economy. 

Burt and Ryan find out how new technologies including  HTML5, responsive design, Javascript and APIs are creating a new web. We’ll learn how website developers in Hawaii view the evolving nature of the web and how they keep up with the latest trends.

  On this show we’ll find out what it means to be a "maker" and take a look into the growing maker movement here in Hawaii. It’s a celebration of invention, creativity and resourcefulness where innovative technologies drive creativity in manufacturing.

Design Thinking

May 15, 2013

  Co-hosts Burt Lum and Ryan Oaawa learn how a school in Waipahu and a company on Bishop Street are creating a culture of innovation. Both organizations are leveraging a technique called Design Thinking. How is this implemented to transform the organization?

Co-hosts Burt Lum and Ryan Ozawa take a look at the latest tech news and happenings in Hawaii and beyond. Then joining them is Wayne Lewis from Honolulu Community College to discuss the upcoming PCATT IT Summit. Finally, an update on the Henry Ku'ualoha Giugni digital archive project from Heather Giugni and Janel Quirante. And it's all cutting edge.

Co-hosts Burt Lum and Ryan Ozawa talk with guests about How technology bills faired through this year’s legislative session. Which bills made it and and which ones died in the process?  And just what does the tech community need to do to plan for next year?

Co-hosts Burt Lum and Ryan Ozawa find out about a new course being developed at the University Lab School on Digital Citizenship. With our students being born into the age of the internet as digital natives, how are they being prepared for life online?

First. a look at the latest tech news and happenings in Hawaii and beyond. Then Co-hosts Burt Lum and Ryan Ozawa  hear from two news guests. First is Bill Chismar from the UH Manoa Outreach College and a program called Science in Action. Then Mike Andonian from the Math Department tells us about next week's Monte Carlo night. Finally, we'll hear about ruggedized sensors monitoring the Ala Wai, and what this technology can tell us about our waterways.

Hacking the Kitchen

Mar 27, 2013

Next time on Bytemarks Cafe, we’ll find out how innovation and technology are creating new dining experiences. We’ll talk about pop up restaurants, food trucks, mobile apps, hacking the kitchen and new ways we can learn about the food we consume.