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The Race for OHA; Final Thoughts on the Election; A True Paniolo Legend Comes to Stage


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An Insider’s Look at the Fishing Industry; Lackluster Results from Cyber Charter Schools; Hawaii’s Unique View of Family

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Mental Health Problems for Military Spouses; Remembering Hawaiian Activist and Scholar Kanalu Young; A Modern Take on the Greek Classic Antigone


Growing Teachers on Kauai; Affordable Housing on Hawaiian Homelands; Hawaii's Own Special Effects and Animation Studio

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Exploring the Electoral College; 2017 Outlook for Social Security; Teaching Tolerance to Children Through Theater

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Presidential Race Down to the Wire; Online Pro-Bono Legal Service Seeks to Narrow Justice Gap; Helping the Intellectually Disabled be a Part of Society

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Ministering to Foreign Fisherman; Real Hawaiian Ghost Story; Hawaiians in the Media


Gaps in Childcare Assistance; Hawaii Farm Bureau Convention; Saving Seabirds on Kauai


Planned Parenthood Turns 100; HAPA Schedules Series of Intimate Shows; An Alternative to Dealing with Feral Cats

The Last Job in Hawaii; Staying Ahead of Climate Change; Exploring the Creative Process




Addressing Abuses in Fishing Industry; Appalachia on Stage; Post-Election America; Farming as Therapy

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Balancing Development and Culture; Choosing a Candidate Made Easy; History Through the Arts

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Hawaii Power Ballot Makes Voting Easy; Jedi Academy in Honolulu; Learning  to Create Special Effects

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Wailuku River Controversy; Resurgence of Swing Music; Lawsuit Filed Over School Conditions


Hidden Flaws in Political Polls; Paniolo Music; Honouliuli Internment Camp

No Room in Paradise; Deafness and the Arts; Police Reform

The Conversation: Monday, October 17th, 2016

Oct 17, 2016

Hawaii Farmers Brainstorm; Noir in Paradise; Addressing Anger

Sarah Anderson

Hawaii Agrotourism; Gary Washburn Jazz; Understanding TMT

Agrotourism in Hawaii: Lani Weigart


Transforming to a Sustainable Culture; Science and Culture of Coffee; Air Supply Not Out of Love from Fans


Proposed Game Preserve of Maui; Hawaiian Sovereignty On Stage; What Does It Mean to Be American Today?

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Violent Borders; Afro-Caribbean Groove; T-4 Weeks to Election Day

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State of Ethics in Hawaii; Metamorphoses On Stage; Charter Referenda on Oahu


Rodrigo Duterte; Aboriginal Dance Comes to Hawaii; Causes of Damage to Honolulu Rail

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Changing Chinatown; Acroyoga Workshop; Bridging Past and Present in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict



Uniting Men Against Domestic Violence; Local Non-Profit Cleaning Pearl Harbor; A Modern Take on Hawaiian Music


Risks to Pets from Little Fire Ants; Vice Presidential Debate; Americans and Vietnam

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Recovering from Sexual Slavery; Telling Stories Through Collage; Questions About City Contracts

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Warning Signs in the Construction Cycle; Pioneering Wave Energy in Kaneohe; Mexican Consul General Comes to Hawaii

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Hawaii: The Worst State to be a Teacher; ‘We Rise’ from Irie Love; 2016 Hawaii Tourism Conference; History of Queen Emma’s Summer Palace

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Evolution of Tradition; A New Novel Highlight’s Honolulu’s Criminal Underworld; EPA Invests in Hawaii’s Drinking Water; Hydrofoil Surfing with Kai Lenny