Kathy Kozak

Host, The Body Show

In 1999, Dr. Kozak came to Straub Clinic and Hospital where she currently works as an internist specializing in preventative health, travel medicine, women's health and wellness. She is a graduate of the Medical College of Pennsylvania and did her residency at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Dr Kozak has also spent time in medical clinics in Australia, Peru, Zimbabwe, India, Puerto Rico, Indonesia, the Philippines and Cambodia. She studies Cambodian language and sponsored the Kozak Ohana School in Kompong Thom, Cambodia. A woman of varied talents, she is a member of the Oahu Civic Orchestra since 2000 and studies voice.

HB207, Native Hawaii Rights Training; Vietnamese Cinema Series; HECO’s Proposed Solar Taxes; Hawaii Performing Arts Festival

HB207, Native Hawaii Rights Training: Kaniela Ing

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Bill 38 (Plastic Bag Bill) Loopholes & Background; Artists of Hawai‘i 2015; Possible Veto of Sex Trafficking Bill; Word on the Street

Bill 38 (Plastic Bag Bill) Loopholes & Background: Suzanne Frazer

Supreme Court Decision on Marriage; Vivo Concert at Dragon Upstairs; Maunalua Bay Follow-up; Kokua Nepal Fundraising Follow-up

Supreme Court Decision on Marriage: Andrea Anderson

Ben Decastro and Streetlight Cadence

Medicare Cuts Result in $3.3 Billion Less for Hawaii Hospitals; Streetlight Cadence; Urban Growth Boundaries and Saving the Ka Iwi Coast; “Politics, Environment, and Love in Hawaii, China and Zimbabwe”

Medicare Cuts Result in $3.3 Billion Less for Hawaii Hospitals: Peter Sybinsky

Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons

Hormonal changes happen to all of us from adolescence to mid life and beyond. But how do hormones affect our moods and how we feel, and how our body functions? This show we’ll talk with Dr. Janelle Kaloi-Chen and Dr. Martin Johnson about the change of life that happens not just in the body but in the mind as well. Today at 5 on HPR-2.

Drena and Brook Parker, and ProtectKuamoo.org

Kuamo’o Battlefield Burial Grounds; International Reggae Day Festival; Supreme Court Obamacare Decision; Invasive Fire Ants Update

Kuamo’o Battlefield Burial Grounds: Keola Beamer

Strive HI; USDA Summer Travel; UH Sit-Lie Study; Kody Riehl

Discussion of Strive HI: Mireille Elsworth

Dr. Robert Putnam; Aloha Undertakers; Lāna‘i Community Plan Revisions and Meetings; What To Do Before (And After) You Say “I Do”

Political Scientist, Professor and Author: Dr. Robert Putnam

Palmyra Atoll Renewable Energy; Kauai Kau Wela Summer Fest; The Barriers Homeless Face in Accessing Permanent Housing; Chalkboard Artist

Palmyra Atoll Renewable Energy: David Sellers

Wikipedia Commons
Wikipedia Commons

Dr. Ahoora Payam of Waikiki Health joins the show to talk about the current outreach services and how a community approach to medical care helps everyone succeed together.

Lexington County Detention Center (South Carolina)

Amnesty International Deadly Force Report; Between the Lines Creative Writing Cultural Exchange Program; South Carolina Mass Shooting; CSI Camp

Amnesty International Deadly Force Report: Justin Mazzola

Dawn McIlvain Stahl / Flickr
Dawn McIlvain Stahl / Flickr

  Are doctors giving enough warnings to people who take strong narcotic pain medication? What things should everyone know about the addictive potential of chronic use? Nurse educator Claire Santos will be on the show and we’ll continue to conversation about the good, the bad, and the ugly realities of the regular use of pain pills. Today on the Body Show, 5pm on HPR-2. 

Ryan Weisgerber / Flickr
Ryan Weisgerber / Flickr

  Chronic Pain, it’s all encompassing for those who suffer with it, and yet there are ways to live with the symptoms and still function every day. Dr. Daniel Lev, pain management specialist will discuss his unique approach to handling chronic pain that doesn’t include taking more pills.  

Bridget Coila / Flickr
Bridget Coila / Flickr

  The first 100 days of life, it’s one of the most critical times for growth and development, and can set the stage for a healthy childhood. Dr. Ann Tran will discuss and explore what testing, shots and more are needed for the newest members of the ohana in their first 3 months of life.  

Originally aired: May 26th, 2015.  Who gets TB these days, and how is it treated? Should we all be screened periodically to make sure we're safe? Dr. Elizabeth McNeill is in the studio, head of Hawaii's TB control branch , and she's going to talk about where the risk lies in Hawaii and what we can all do about it.

  Can you hear me now? Well, everyone loses a bit of hearing as they age, and on this show, Dr. Robin Wielins from  Island Audiology will discuss the ins and outs of hearing aids, how to know if you need one, and what to do to prevent hearing loss in the first place.

  Heart disease is one of the most common killers throughout the world. But how can it be prevented? If you have had a heart attack, are you destined to have another one? Does heart disease put you at risk for strokes as well?  Dr. Margo Vasser, clinical cardiologist and Dr. Rony Salem, neurologist will join us in a discussion of the latest in the prevention and treatment of heart disease and strokes.

 Radiation is one of the mainstays in the treatment of cancer, but how exactly does it work? Dr. Donna Chung, radiation oncologist, will be in the studio to share more about the different types of cancers that are treated with radiation and how research has made this treatment more precise in the fight against cancer cells.  

  Advances in kidney transplant technology with Dr. Makoto Ogihara.

  The sun is shining, it's nice outdoors and yet did you know that the only proven way to prevent wrinkles is .... sunscreen? What can you do if the aging process has started to kick in, are there treatments that can make you look as young as you feel? Dawn Sunada and Dorothy Maurice will help explain what's out there to help all of us look our best. 

  With all the talk about kids getting shots these days, what are the recommended vaccines for children and young adults? Dr. Michael Hamilton, 2013 Best Docs in Hawaii for Pediatrics, is in the studio, and he'll share how to keep the complex shot schedules straight for kids of all ages. 

  If the time comes, and you or a loved one is suffering and in pain, what can be done to help? Some states have legalized the ending of life with a physician's help. How do you feel about it? We'll be talking about the medical considerations of death with dignity here in Hawaii. 

  It's inevitable, we're all going to get there sooner or later, and as we approach our senior years, sometimes things get a lot more complicated, and our memory starts to slip just when we need it the most. Dr. Patricia Borman will be in the studio to share some tips we can all use to keep our brains and bodies healthy and strong. 

  High tech, high touch patient care - it's here and Dermatologist Dr. Ryan Sato from Kuakini is going to share his novel approach to making skin care very user friendly for all of us. 

  What kind of exercises are best for the maturing adult? Well, Dr. Rachel Coel from Queens Medical Center is here to help! Balance issues, arthritis, osteoporosis, all of these affect joint health and knowing what to do now can only help prevent problems in the future. We'll talk about aging and exercise today on the show. 

  Depression:  it's a tough topic to talk about, especially for new mothers. But these days with earlier recognition, help is available. Psychiatrist Dr. Sheila Wendler is in the studio, ready to explore more about postpartum depression and the hormonal connection between our emotions and our mental health.  

  Pain is such an individualized experience, and medication can help, but sometimes, too much of it can hurt - a lot. Today on the show we'll hear from a local nurse, Claire Santos, who has dealt with the harsh reality of addiction in her own family, and what constructive efforts need to take place to prevent anyone else from suffering the same fate.

Childbirth has changed over the last century, improving the health of the mother and baby along the way. But modern science has made cesarean sections much more common than perhaps they should be. Dr. Eileen Ogasawara Chun and Midwife Amanda Lawry will be in the studio to share their perspective on why going back to the basics might be the best after all.  

  Happy Valentine's Day! What's the best gift to give to those you love? Well, keeping your heart healthy of course! Dr. Anne Leake from Queen's West will be in the studio to discuss the latest in the management of cholesterol, sugar, blood pressure and more, all to keep your heart as healthy as possible, all year long. 

  Heart valve disease is one of the most common heart problems, affecting 1 in 8 patients over the age of 75. Just a decade ago, there weren't a lot of options for people with valve issues. Luckily, all that has changed. Dr. Christian Spies, interventional cardiologist will explain how more lives can be saved than ever before.