Nick Yee

Host, Bridging the Gap

Nick Yee’s passion for music developed at an early age, as he collected jazz and rock records pulled from dusty locations while growing up in both southern California and Honolulu.  In college he started DJ-ing around town, playing long acid jazz and bossa nova sets at various lounges under the name dj mr.nick.  He started to incorporate down tempo and electronic music into his sets as his popularity grew, eventually getting DJ residences at different Chinatown locations. To this day, he is a fixture in the Honolulu underground club scene, where his live sets are famous for being able to link musical and cultural boundaries, starting mellow and building the audience into a frenzy.

In addition to his club life, Nicholas has spent the last 7 years as a DJ for UH Mānoa’s KTUH, running one of its most popular radio shows The Jet Set. He has also served at KTUH in various capacities, including manager and educator.

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Diane O'Neal
Diane O'Neal

I'm continuing along without a major theme for tonight's show, and just using the opportunity to work in some new releases and discoveries with some old favorites.


Stealing a theme from HPR-1's Lousie Lanzilotti, and switching back and forth between new music and older music tonight on the show.

Later on this evening, around 3am is the, very rare "Super Blue Blood Moon" lunar eclipse.  Hopefully the weather isn't awful, though it's not looking good. Either way, the setlist for tonight will be all about the moon, sky and heavens.  I'm also excited to be rolling out new music from Khruangbin.

Once again, keeping the music and vibes (mostly) mellow for this Monday evening session of Bridging the Gap.

Heyyyyy! The weekend's here! So I'm keeping the music fun and random for this Friday session of Bridging the Gap.

Simon Crookall, the General Director of Hawaii Opera Theater sat down to share 5 songs that shaped his musical upbringing and career.  

This is the February 2018 Bridging the Gap audio archive.  This page is for HPR staff reference only!

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Tonight on Bridging the Gap I'm mixing together a lot of world music and various Indian themes ahead of my set at Honolulu Museum of Art's-Art After Dark this Friday.  So we're going to hear a lot of sitar, Bhangra, and Asian Underground.

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Doing a show, somewhat in emergency mode this evening.. as my laptop has crashed... so there won't ba any setlist posted online.  If you have any questions on the playlist, please email me from the link below.  Music wise, I'm just shooting from the hip, and turning out a show without a major theme or style.

For this Tuesday session of Bridging the Gap I’m keeping the music light, tropical, and electronic… with new music from Hailu Mergia, Reyna Tropical and Natalia Lafourcade.


Update: The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center has cancelled the tsunami watch for Hawaii following 7.9 magnitude earthquake off Alaska.

Keeping the vibes mellow and cool this Monday evening with little Indy-Folk gems being peppered into the mix.

For tonight’s show I’m stringing together a series of upbeat abstract beats and songs to usher in the weekend.  Just like last night’s show, there’s no theme and the songs are going to be just picked on the fly, running between genres, styles, new, and old.

After a couple of nights of themed shows I feel it’s necessary to do a show without any specific direction, just to get some creative air into my bloodstream.  So for tonight’s show, I’m just picking somewhere to start and we’re breathing together in this most intimate of mediums…radio.

Using this evening to begin exploring the discoveries and additions I made at the Friends of the Library annual Music and Book Sale this past weekend. Once again this is going to be a 50/50 CD/Vinyl set, so there be a few bumps here and there.

Tonight's is Part 2 of our "Soundtrack to the End of the World".  A lot of these songs came up in my head on Saturday huddled in my shower waiting to die, or in the hours that followed.  So it's one part creative exercise, one part coping with our (new) nuclear reality, and one part humor.  Enjoy... and keep this thought in mind... "Turn onto politics, or politics will turn on you" (Ralph Nader).

I'm glad Saturday morning was just a drill, and I have to admit that the sky that day seemed a little bluer. Being a DJ, and a listener... music is the best therapy, and the best way to cope and often the best way to find answers in difficult and scary situations, so I'm taking the next two nights to play a few songs about what happened, what could happen, and of hope, direction, and a little bit of humor so that we may never experience a scare like that again.  It's our future, not the president's, not North Korea's...

Doing a half vinly- half CD set tonight for bridging the gap (since we only have one turntable in out air room) ahead of DJing the Friends of the Library Music and Books Sale this weekend.

Going themeless for tonight's session of Bridging the Gap, just picking a starting point and rolling.

Tonight on Bridging the Gap we're listening to a mixture of world music and western music united by a windy sound (which is totally going to be left up to one own interpretation... and is just a really poetic excuse to be playing music from Mongolia and a few other strange breezy cuts).

Tonight on Bridging the Gap I'm running through a lot of moods, songs and vibes pulled from soundtracks and other forms of entertainment.

Keeping the music and vibes nice and mellow for this Monday evening.


Spending Friday evening twirling around with a blend of electronic African percussion, mixed into Brazilian percussion, mixed into a little soul.

Thorge Berger
Thorge Berger

So last night was a world music show, skipping all over the place, but I ran out of time to play everything.  So tonight is going to pick up the trail, with more skipping across continents of sound.

So I'm feeling like turning out more of a world music heavy show this evening, so we'll be skipping all over the place.

The holiday's are finally over, so I can get back on track without themed shows and just let the music flow.

Happy 2018 to you! Tonight's show will be a mixture of songs that remind me of New Years, and starting over, turning over a new leaf, or just hope for better, or continuing times.

This is the January 2018 Bridging the Gap audio archive.  This page is for HPR staff reference only!

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January 24th, 2018 

  Here we go with Part 3 of the Best of 2017... it's also my last show of the year.

For the next three evenings, we'll be listening back to the best songs of 2017 that were played on Bridging the Gap.  Tonight is Part 2.  I should note here, that they are not all new releases, and more a collection of favorites. Also, thy are being selected in random so there's no hierarchy over which is better than another.