Nick Yee

Host, Bridging the Gap

Nick Yee’s passion for music developed at an early age, as he collected jazz and rock records pulled from dusty locations while growing up in both southern California and Honolulu.  In college he started DJ-ing around town, playing long acid jazz and bossa nova sets at various lounges under the name dj mr.nick.  He started to incorporate down tempo and electronic music into his sets as his popularity grew, eventually getting DJ residences at different Chinatown locations. To this day, he is a fixture in the Honolulu underground club scene, where his live sets are famous for being able to link musical and cultural boundaries, starting mellow and building the audience into a frenzy.

In addition to his club life, Nicholas has spent the last 7 years as a DJ for UH Mānoa’s KTUH, running one of its most popular radio shows The Jet Set. He has also served at KTUH in various capacities, including manager and educator.

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So I'm sick... pretty sick with a pretty nice fever.  So to make light of it the theme for tonight's session of Bridging the Gap is going to be "FEVER" and songs associated with being sick.

Tonight's session of Bridging the Gap is going to be a lush exploration of chilled beats pulled from an imaginary trip through the electric forest.

50 years ago (and one day) the Jazz world lost John Coltrane, so tonight's session of Bridging the Gap will be filled with his music, along with other jazz favorites of mine.

Keeping the music chilled and mellow for tonight's Monday session of Bridging the Gap.

So I've got absoultly NOTHING special planned for tonight's session of Bridging the Gap.  No style of music that I'm featuring, no particular artist, or album.  Instead I'm just goin going with the flow and grabbing music for what feels right for the moment.

Going Afro-funky for tonight's session of Bridging the Gap... NOTE: The Jamarek show I'm talking about on air is SOLD OUT... sorry for the confusion.  

Full Disclosure...  This show has nothing to cats in kimono, it was just a really cute picture.  But the show will have some Japanese music, and will be filled with World Music in general.  

Claymore Minds
Claymore Minds

Feeling like leaning a little towards the world of indy rock this evening.  Be ready for new music from The Generationals, The National, and Angel Olsen.  

Keeping the music mellow and deep to ease you into the week on tonight's session of Bridging the Gap.  Expect a hypnotic blend of spacey Downtempo, Jazz, and global beats.  

I'm gearing up for a DJ set with Good Foot tomorrow night at Downbeat Lounge.  So tonight's session of Bridging the Gap will be lean heavy on Funk, Soul, and Rare Groove.  

So I've been watching a few too many vintage longboarding movies and am feeling in a vintage, tropical mood.  So tonight's session of Bridging the Gap will lean towards Exotica, Lounge, and other warm vibes.  

This is the August 2017 Bridging the Gap audio archive.  This page is for HPR staff reference only!

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Lily Furedi
Lily Furedi

Happy Wednesday to you all.  Playing a mixture of Jazz, some music from the new Chris Thile album, a little Indy Rock and more on tonight's session of Bridging the Gap.  

Celebrating out nation's independence with a selection of tongue-in-cheek politically suggestive-yet-fun songs.  


Nothing weird planned to night, just mellow, jazzy, straight shooting with little pockets of world music mixed into the mix.  

Tom Lehman
Tom Lehman

So talking to Ray Cruz (Host of Latin Beat, Friday's from 8-10pm), I was inspired by is story of his father using a Pilón at home to mash up cooking spices.  I was inspired of the idea of taking spices, or in the case of this show, music and mashing it up to make something tasty.  So the music will be a mixture of Latin Boogaloo, Brazilian Samba, and some favorite flips and remixes.  

This is the July 2017 Bridging the Gap audio archive.  This page is for HPR staff reference only!

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July 19th, 2017- Sorry Show Was Lost

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July 27th, 2017 

July 28th, 2017 

Here we go with another curveball! 

Tonight's session of Bridging the Gap is a companion piece to yesterdays show.  I'll be repeating a few of the songs... but in a classical setting.  In fact most of the music will be heavy in strings and classical arrangements.  The featured artist is the Vitamin String Quartet out of Los Angeles, who have turned out more than 50 albums of reinterpreted pop music through Classical.  

Benoit Paillé
Benoit Paillé

So as of writing this, I'm thinking of straying a litle closer to the Indy Rock side of things for tonight's show.  However, things always seem to change once I walk into the air-room, so we'll see what happens.  It begs the bigger question... if we could really predict the future, would we really want to actually expirence it, and isn't the thrill of suprises, spontanity, and variety what makes life fun?

Tonight session of Bridging the Gap is once again not running with any theme...and just focusing on warm summer sounds, and a few new finds in the collection.  

Tonight on Bridging the Gap I'm not runnning with any theme (since that seemed to dominate last weeks programing) and just keeping the tunage ecclectic and tasty.

Tonight I'm trying something a little diffrent and mixing a lot of Hip-Hop into the show.  But I'm leaving out all of the selections that are aggressive, misogynistic, or violent.  It'll be fun and upbeat in the 1st hour, and mellow and Jazzy in the 2nd.

So on my way to grab dinner from Don Quxoite across the street from HPR Studio's I stopped by Book-Off, the tiny used book and music shop tucked into the corner, and ended up picking out a lot of music... SO tonight's session of Bridging the Gap will be picked entirly from CD's I just bought in the hour before the show.

Timothy Duffy
Timothy Duffy

Tonight's session of Bridging the Gap is going to lean casually towards a blusey side, switching back and forth from African Blues to Americana with a lot of random in between.

Reggie Padilla
Reggie Padilla

Happy Summer Solstice! Tonight's session of Bridging the Gap is going to be a light summery blend of music, weaving in and out of bright Downtempo, indy rock, and everything else in-between.

I'm randomly calling tonight's session of Bridging the Gap "Haunted Nights on the African Plain".  I don't fully know why, but hopfully the music fits the theme.

Mixing classic Latin Jazz with a little bit of Colombia, Lisbon, and winding down with some warm surf rock on tonight's session of Bridging the Gap.

Hurray for the Riff Raff
Hurray for the Riff Raff

I'm using tonight's session of Bridging the Gap to work out some music for HPR's Lilijestrand sunset soiree tomrrow. So the music will be a collection of Soul, Gospel, and a little Funk.

More new finds and new releases coming out on tonight's session of Bridging the Gap.  I think I'm picking the rest on the fly... which always makes for a better show.

Some new finds and new releases coming out tonight with the 40th anniversary reissue of Bob's Exodus and new music from Hampshire and Foat and Proliter.