The Conversation: Friday, April 21st, 2017

Apr 21, 2017

Should Aloha Stadium Be Replaced? Japanese Satire On Stage; Raku Hoolaulea

Pro Bowl 2014. The NFL all star game, once Aloha Stadium's most high profile event, will no longer be held in Hawaii.
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Is a New Stadium Worth the Cost? Sumner La Croix

Sumner La Croix is the former Chair of the UH Manoa Economics Department and one of Hawaii's most prominent economists.
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A replacement for the aging Aloha Stadium will cost $324 million, but is the investment worth that cost?

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Hawaii Craftsmen Raku Ho’olaulea: Terry Savage

The raku kiln reaches temperatures of 1600 degrees Fahrenheit.
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  The 400-year-old techniques of raku pottery are rooted in that Japan’s Zen tea ceremony.

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420 Cannabis Forum: Tim Vandeveer

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The Democratic Party of Hawaii convened a forum to discuss the future of cannabis in Hawaii, decriminalization, the national movement toward legalization and the status of the state’s dispensaries.

Power and Folly, Japanese Satire for the 21st Century: Julie Iezzi

Credit Kennedy Theatre

Kyogen is a centuries-old form of Japanese theater that’s refreshingly informal: comical and satirical, but with a kind of innocence about it.   

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