The Conversation: Friday, February 24th, 2017

Feb 24, 2017

Polystyrene Ban Stumbles; Clean Transportation; 2017 Academy Award Predictions

Despite broad support from environmentalists and community members, the proposed polystyrene ban appears to have stalled.
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Polystyrene Ban Stumbles: Stuart Coleman

The future of SB1109, the proposed statewide partial ban on polystyrene, is in doubt.
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There’s a good chance that after a long week, you might pick up dinner in a box and that box will be polystyrene. At least 600 individuals and groups want those containers banned and are advocating for a bill that seemed to be gaining steam. But at last check, it has been 9 days since it was referred to its last two committees and no hearing date yet  We called Stuart Coleman, the Hawaii  Coordinator for the Surfrider Foundation.

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Smile, You're Under Surveillance: Markus Wessendorf

From left to right: Dylan Lee, Matthew Kelty, Ike Webster and John Wells, cast members of Kennedy Theatre's 'Smile, You're Under Surveillance!'
Credit Kennedy Theatre

Most of us have not yet awakened to the full implications of the surveillance state, and we certainly do not carry on our day-to-day conversations as if persons unseen were listening, but they are, or at least they could be. A new production from the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa’s Department of Theatre and Dance called Smile, You're Under Surveillance! invites us to think about this strange new world we’re living in. Markus Wessendorf is a professor of Theatre at UH Manoa and the Project initiator

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Civil Beat Reality Check: Hawaiian Homelands but No Homes

Homes in Kaimuki, Honolulu. DHHL owns only one property in urban Honolulu.
Credit Cory Lum / Civil Beat

With 38 million in its federal treasure chest, why has the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands not produced any housing units for Native Hawaiians? Civil Beat editor Patti Epler has today’s reality check.

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Clean Energy Portfolio, Transportation Bills: Richard Wallsgrove

Ride and Drive electric vehicles, seen here in Ontario, Canada, do not generate any emissions.
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Electric car charging stations are becoming a more common sight at malls and shopping centers. If you are already using one, you are in line with a bill that would like to add ground transportation to Hawaii’s renewable energy standard for the year 2045. And how the portfolio of renewable energy is calculated is being questioned.  A bill to change the calculation from energy sales to energy generation based would more accurately reflect the portfolio’s progress.

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2017 Academy Awards: Terry Hunter

In many ways the Academy Awards are designed for film industry insiders, rather than viewers and the general public.
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Movie awareness it at its annual peak this weekend, the climax of the two weeks a year most of us spend thinking about the movie business.   Not so Terry Hunter, whose role as a television movie critic, and as a lifelong movie lover, keeps him thinking about movies  all year long.  He’s with us to think about the things Hollywood tells us about ourselves.

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