The Conversation: Friday, March 24th, 2017

Mar 24, 2017

Protecting Coral Reefs from Sunscreen; Preventing Trauma; Classical Guitar Meets Slack-Key

Credit Pixabay

Hawaii International Summit On Trauma Prevention: Dr. Steven Choy

First prize in the Trauma Summit was awarded to Sylvia Lee for this poster.
Credit Sylvia Lee

The latest in trauma research, assessment methods, interventions, and prevention strategies for those who have been traumatized, abused, and/or victimized is on the four-day agenda at a conference coming next week.

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Classical guitarist Ian O’Sullivan

Guitarist Ian O'Sullivan's latest album uses melodies to bring to mind feelings inspired by the North Shore.
Credit Facebook - Ian O'Sullivan

Guitarist Ian O’Sullivan brings a unique combination of skills to his music, as an accomplished classical guitarist who was the first guitarist from Hawai‘i to be accepted to Yale University’s School of Music.

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Civil Beat Reality Check: Outlook for Tax Changes  

Reducing the regressive nature of the GET, the State's main source of revenue, has been a major concern in this year's session.
Credit Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Last week on Town Square we asked how taxes could be made more fair to those who foot the bill, especially to those who earn the least. reporter Anita Hofschneider joins us now with another look at that question.

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Oxybenzone Ban: Craig A. Downs

Craig Downs heads the environmental lab Haeretacus.
Credit Craig Downs

This legislative session, lawmakers were met by bills to stop the sale or at least to regulate the use of products with oxybenzone. Recent research shows damage from the sunscreen in coastal waters.

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Combining Classical Guitar and Slack-Key with Ian O’Sullivan

Credit Ian O'Sullivan

In part two of our discussion with Ian O’Sullivan, he demonstrates a song in which he combines the techniques of classical and slack-key guitars.

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