The Conversation: Monday, February 20th, 2017

Feb 20, 2017

Tourism and Economic Growth; Hawaii County Priorities; NPR’s New Jazz Curator

Although tourism is still the driver of Hawaii's economy, its share of the state economy has diminished.
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Hawaii County Council Check-in: Chair Valerie Poindexter

Valerie Poindexter is Chair of the Hawaii County Council.
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We often say that though Hawaii is one state, its character differs from island to island. Over the last week, we have asked the state’s County Council Chairs for the issues taking their attention. Today we wrap up our survey with the Chair of the Hawaii County Council, Valerie Poindexter.

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NPR Music Head Jazz Writer and Curator: Nate Chinen 

Nate Chinen is a long-time jazz writer and now Conten Manager at National Public Radio's flagship jazz station WBGO.
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Jazz writer Nate Chinen grew up in Hawaii, the son of Waikiki entertainers Teddi and Nancy Tanaka, under the spell of a thriving local jazz scene.  His fascination led him into a career as a writer for the New York Times and Jazztimes magazine. Jazz is widely taught in schools at all levels these days, and that’s a far cry from the way it used to be. As we sat in a Kailua back yard last week, we talked about the impact of taking a vernacular form into an academic setting.

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Civil Beat Reality Check: Legislative Survival

The 2017 Legislative Session reached a significant milestone on Friday after which many bills did not survive.
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The GET surcharge, death with dignity, a minimum wage hike, budget cuts, pay raises…there’s a lot of attention on those key issues this legislative session. Bills working their way through multiple committees had a deadline of last Friday to move to their final committee in their originating chamber. With a reality check of where key issues are now, Civil Beat reporter Chad Blair joins us now.

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Tourism and Economic Growth: Eugene Tian

Visitor numbers continue to climb, but economic activity is starting to peak.
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The memories of the Great Recession may still be fresh in your mind. But it’s been seven and a half years of growth since the economy hit bottom. Now several economists believe we are hovering at the top of that cycle about to tip downward. It could be tough to think about a coming recession with current record tourism numbers. Eugene Tian, Chief Economist with the Hawaii State Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism joined us to share his thoughts about the timetable he sees.

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NPR Music Head Jazz Writer and Curator: Nate Chinen

Jazz needs to adapt and constantly refresh in order so survive in the modern musical landscape.
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We continue our conversation with longtime New York Times and Jazztimes magazine writer Nate Chinen, who got much of his jazz education growing up in Hawaii. He has taken on a new role at one of the nation’s flagship National Public Radio jazz stations -- a role he hopes can direct popular attention to the kind of music that is being made here, and at other newly minted jazz capitals around the world. For that mission to succeed, jazz will need to find ways to constantly refresh itself.

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