The Conversation: Monday, March 27th, 2017

Mar 27, 2017

Push to Allow Fishing in Protected Areas; State Eyes Sweetened Beverages; Science Meets Art at Honolulu Biennial

Tuna on display at the Tokyo Fish Market. WESPAC argues that restrictions on the Marine National Monuments in US Pacific waters, which amount to 25% of the US Exclusive Economic Zone, help foreign fishers.
Credit Flickr - jaybergesen

WESPAC Pushes Open Marine Monuments for Fishing: Edwin Ebisui

Edwin Ebisui is the Chair of the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management, which was created by Congress to manage Pacific fisheries.
Credit Edwin Ebisui

The Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council is lobbying to allow domestic fishing of US Marine National Monuments in the Pacific.

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One-Act Comedies at Kumu Kahua: Donna Blanchard

The cast from one of Kumu Kahua's one act comedies.
Credit Kumu Kahua Theatre

Kumu Kahua is a theater company that never hesitates to challenge its audience, forcing it to deal head-on with the kind of issues that make many of us uncomfortable. That practice continues with two one-act plays about the lives of non-heterosexual Pacific Islanders.

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State Eyes Sweetened Beverages: Trish La Chica

The resolution being considered would not levy a tax on sugary drinks, but rather explore the implications of such a tax.
Credit Public Domain Pictures

Tomorrow state lawmakers will consider a resolution to explore the impact of leveling an excise tax on sugar-sweetened beverages.

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Science Meets Art at the Honolulu Biennial: Kupa’a Hee

A ceramic gourd from Kupa'a Hee's previous project, which combined Polynesian and Greek styles.
Credit Kupa'a Hee

Art and science, typically two firmly divided disciplines, are brought together in the work of artist and conservationist Kupa’a Hee.

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