The Conversation: Thursday January 5th, 2017

Jan 5, 2017

Future of OHA; Hawaii Teachers Cleared for Field Trips; Dancing While Pregnant

Noddy Terns on the French Frigate Shoals, Northwest Hawaiian Islands.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

State Ethics Policy Change for Teachers on Field Trips: Corey Rosenlee

For the past year, Hawaii teachers were precluded from attending field trips without paying their own way.
Credit Flickr - woodleywonderworks

10 months ago, Hawaii’s teachers were put on notice that they could be in violation of ethics laws should they accompany students free of charge on travel trips.  The State Ethics Commission opinion drew fire from the Hawaii State Teachers Association which fought the decision and won its lawsuit to invalidate the Commission’s advice. This week, the Commission and the HSTA announced an agreement on a policy to allow teachers to chaperone students without putting the teachers in a compromising position. Corey Rosenlee is President of HSTA.

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Mama Ensemble: Gwen Arbaugh

The Mama Ensemble.
Credit Oahu Fringe

Motherhood can derail a performing arts career -- if you let it.   The three dancers in the Mama Ensemble chose, instead, to allow their pregnancy and the birth of their children to inform their art. The result is their new show, which brings together dancers from a variety of disciplines, in a celebration of the event that changed their lives. Gwen Arbaugh is a founding member of the Mama Ensemble.

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Civil Beat Reality Check: Kealoha Case

House Finance Chair Sylvia Luke, left, and Senate Ways and Means Chair Jill Tokuda have the lead roles in shaping the state budget.
Credit Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Speculation over what happens after President-elect Trump takes office is fueling many a debate, including what impact it may have on Hawaii tourism. And that’s part of the reason the Council on Revenues lowered its project for this year. Civil beat reporter Chad Blair has the reality check.    

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 New OHA Board and New Chair’s Vision for the Future: Rowena Akana

The Office of Hawaiian Affairs has a mandate to better Native Hawaiians.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

The Office of Hawaiian Affairs has its share of controversies. There are the internal struggles, the issues over self-determinism, and lawsuits involving its Board members. There was a contentious election and a reorganization with a new Board chair. Then this week, the Board voted to buy out the three-year contract of its CEO, only six months after renewing it. We called Board Chairperson Rowena Akana to get her thoughts on OHA.

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New Film Aloha Got Soul: Roger Bong

Credit Aloha Got Soul

Local music took on some brave new directions in the 70’s and 80, incorporating influences from all over and giving them an island twist.  We started to hear new age, jazz, and soul music interpreted by a whole new family of artists, one that producer Roger Bong, founder of the record label Aloha Got Soul, is bringing to life in a new documentary film.  He’s on Hawaii Island now, shooting interviews for the work in progress, and he’s on the phone with us now.

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