The Conversation: Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

Apr 4, 2017

Pay Gap on Equal Pay Day; Controversy over Private Artifact Collection; Hawaii in 1000 Years

CONTACT 3017 imagines human society, or lack thereof, in 1000 years.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

Gender Pay Gap: Monisha Das Gupta

Monisha Das Gupta
Credit University of Hawaii

Efforts to eliminate, and even to acknowledge the gender pay gap often encounter pushback.

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CONTACT 3017 Imagines Hawaii in 1000 Years: Louis Herman

Credit Louis Herman

Where will we be a thousand years from now? Will we be anywhere? Dr. Louis G. Herman argues that the key to a viable, sustainable future lies in our distant past.

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Civil Beat Reality Check: Rat Lungworm Disease

A “semi-slug” is seen in East Maui in this photo taken March 22.
Credit Maui Invasive Species Committee/Civil Beat

A devastating and deadly parasitical disease has been on the rise in Hawaii.

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Sale of Hawaiian Artifacts: Nanette Napoleon

Credit Pixabay

The planned auctioning off of a private collection of Oceanic artifacts has raised questions about property rights and repatriation of cultural resources.

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Memoir of a Female Scientist: Hope Jahren


Dr. Hope Jahren’s study of fossilized plants has expanded our knowledge of the distant past, and her popular memoir Lab Girl has extended our understanding of women in science.

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