The Conversation: Tuesday, August 30th, 2016

Aug 30, 2016

Reforming Teacher Credentials; Foster Care Settlement; Somos Ohana Nicaragua; The Rise of the Pacific; Pacific Youth Talk Conservation

Pacific Missile Range Facility Barking Sands on Kauai
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What Reform of Credentialization Might Mean? Lynn Hammonds

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  At the beginning of every school year we frequently hear about Hawaii’s teacher shortage. That happened this year, too, and we also heard from a former Florida teacher with a master’s degree certified to teach six subjects with an out of state license valid until 2019. She wasn’t hired and while she has moved on to a job with another state agency, we thought we would get some clarity. Lynn Hammonds of the Hawaii Teacher Standards Board joins us.

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Foster Care Settlement: Gavin Thornton

  School is only one part of the equation for a stable life for a child - and for foster kids, stability is often in short supply. In part, according to some foster parents, it’s because of the cost to care for the kids. That changed with a settlement to a lawsuit we talked about a few years ago. Gavin Thornton of the Hawaii Appleseed Center for Law & Economic Justice joins us now with what the settlement could mean for current - and future- foster parents.

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Somos Ohana Nicaragua: Charlotte Flavin

Nicaraguan students working with SON
Credit Somos Ohana Nicaragua

  When children grow up in poverty, with no access to a decent education, it’s likely that they’ll remain poor throughout their lives.   Somos Ohana Nicaragua is a group of people on Maui who know all too well how poverty robs children of a future; they focus their efforts on building schools in one of the poorest parts of South America: Northwestern Nicaragua.  Charlotte Flavin is the executive director of Somos Ohana Nicaragua.

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The Rise Of The Pacific Region: Neal Conan

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  As you may have heard on the national news shows, NPR launched a series this week called A Nation Engaged. It starts with this query: what is America’s place in the world? It’s a question the next president will have to face and its answer will be reflected in the US role in global affairs from fighting terrorism to trading with Asia. HPR is also participating in this project; later this week on Town Square and this morning. We begin with News Analyst Neal Conan, who joins us most Tuesdays from his Mac Nut farm on the Big Island

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Bicultural Conservation Stories from Pacific Island Youth: Lihla Noori

Bora Bora
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  The 2016 IUCN World Conservation Congress Forum, which begins Thursday, is about the future, so it’s fitting that young people make their voices heard as the gathering gets off the ground.  That’s the thinking behind the Hawaii Conservation Alliance’s event: “He Pūko'a Kani 'Āina - Bicultural Conservation Stories from Pacific Island Youth.” Their stories are told in spoken word, poetry, and song, and Lihla Noori, Executive Director of the Hawaii Conservation Alliance and Foundation, is on hand to tell us more

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