The Conversation: Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

Feb 14, 2017

Diverting Food Waste in Schools; Local Issues on Kauai; The Art of the Jam Band

With more than 500,000 meals served across Hawaii every week, the Department of Education is a potential gold mine for food conservation groups.
Credit Flickr - USDAgov

Kauai County Council Check-in: Chair Mel Rapozo

Mel Rapozo is Chair of the Kauai County Council. He wants local government to focus on basic services.
Credit Mel Rapozo

We like to tie our islands together with information about what’s happening in Hawaii - or about our state. Today we start a look around the islands at the County Councils and we begin with Kauai County Council Chair Mel Rapozo We spoke yesterday, starting with one of his priorities: a focus on local government’s core functions.

Intro Music: Kill The Medicine Man by Ron Gallo

Outro Music: Flying Apart by Los Colognes

New Music from Eric Petersen and Stephen Inglis

Bob Dylan and Carlos Santana improvise on stage.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

Eric Petersen and Stephen Inglis are two of the most technically accomplished guitarists in Hawaii. They have teamed up for a series of shows inspired by great jam bands and solo artists of the past: The Grateful Dead, Miles Davis and John Coltrane.

Intro Music: She Belongs To Me by Stephen Inglis

Mid Interview Song: She Belongs To Me originally written by Bob Dylan

Outro Music: Franklin's Tower by The Grateful Dead

Civil Beat Reality Check: Waianae Fight Club

Students from Waianae have been participating in an unsanctioned fight club.
Credit Anthony Quintano / Civil Beat

Fist fights between students are not new, and maybe that is why no one seems to care about how regularly students duke it out in an area off campus in Waianae. Chad Blair has the reality check.   

Outro Music: From the Window Of My Room by Dorena

Diverting Food Waste from Schools: Ku`ulei Williams

Ku'ulei Williams is the Executive Director of Aloha Harvest, an organization dedicated to rescuing and redistributing food.
Credit Aloha Harvest

Ku’ulei Williams is the head of Aloha Harvest, an organization that redistributes unused food; and with the state serving some 500 thousand school meals across the state every week there is a lot of wasted school food. Though at the moment no one knows exactly how much. Whatever the amount, Ku’ulei Williams would like to capture it and get it into hungry mouths. That will take some creativity to move through a minefield of protocols.

Outro Music: I Can See the Pines Dancing by A.A. Bondy

The Art of the Jam Band: Eric Petersen and Stephen Inglis

The Grateful Dead is considered to be the original jam band, known for their lengthy improvisations and solos.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

What do musicians do when they “jam”?   Jazz and blues instrumentalists who have never played together before can create new music on the spot if they have enough of a shared musical vocabulary and listen to each other.  With that in mind, and with two fine guitarists in the studio, we thought we’d take you inside some of the ways musicians find common ground. Eric Petersen and Stephen Inglis are back to join us in that effort.

Intro Music: Bad Year For Rock and Roll by Chuck Prophet

Outro Music: Psycho Killer by Phish