The Conversation: Tuesday, October 11th, 2016

Oct 11, 2016

Violent Borders; Afro-Caribbean Groove; T-4 Weeks to Election Day

The US-Mexico border is home to one of the world's longest border walls
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Violent Borders, Past and Present: Professor Reece Jones

Border restrictions, both physical and political, are nothing new
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In recent years, waves of Central American refugees mostly children and families have tried to walk their way into the US. Meanwhile Syrian refugees continue to go anywhere they can to avoid the violence of home. Both have confronted a different reality once at a border. There have been other times in history when people trying to get to safety were in a similar situation. But now according to UH associate professor of geography and author, Reece Jones, it’s different. In an election filled with rhetoric about borders, walls and immigration policy. Reece Jones sat down with us to talk about the realities of borders now. His research is the basis for his just released book, Violent Borders: Refugees and the Right to Move. We sat down before he left for a book tour and first we talked about what’s driving the conversation.

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Rhythm and Groove of Afro-Caribbean Music: Kahnma K

Jamarek plays original Afro-Caribbean music that makes dancing easy
Credit Facebook - Jamarek

The influence of African and Afro-Caribbean music is worldwide, but hearing it in its purest form is something else again.    Intricate polyrhythms are its signature; they’re the kind of rhythms that go straight to the body… It might take your mind a while to figure out what’s going on with all that percussion, but your body knows right away where the groove is.   It’s vocalist Kahnma K’s task to glide effortlessly over all that rhythm, which is what she does in the band Jamarek, whose debut CD is called “Fechal,” a word that means “dance” in one of the languages of Senegal.  

Intro Music: Nan Gee O by Jamarek

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Civil Beat Reality Check: Tuna Fishing

Conduct of State officials at a recent conference has raised questions
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As we heard yesterday from State Ethics Commission Executive Director Dan Gluck, the state’s code of ethics could use a little clarity and he’s working toward that. As we’ll hear in today’s reality check, a Kauai gathering where top Hawaii companies wined and dined public officials show why.

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Political Junkie Ken Rudin

This morning, Ken Rudin tweeted: “4 weeks to go-- are you counting the minutes?” Clearly he is, and perhaps like Ken you are, too. The Political Junkie joins us now with the latest reasons why...many of them focused squarely on Sunday’s second presidential debate and its aftermath.

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Kauai Writers Fest: David Rosenberg

Credit Kauai Writers Conference

Writing is one thing, finding an audience for your work is quite another, as many an author has learned. Writers who have managed to find an audience will tell you there are many things they wish they had known before they set out to become published authors.   That’s the information gap that gatherings like the upcoming Kauai Writers Festival set out to address.  David Rosenberg is one of a group of Kauai-based authors who have pit the festival together, and he’s a believer in what it can do.

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