The Conversation: Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

Apr 12, 2017

Redefining Manufacturing; Navy Sexual Assault Prevention; From Refugee to Jazz Fame

Credit Wikimedia Commons

President and CEO of National Association of Manufacturers on Redefining Manufacturing: Jay Timmons

Jay Timmons, in black, touring an auto plant.
Credit National Association of Manufacturers

Changing the way American students think of manufacturing is crucial to helping it survive within the United States.

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Thumbelina On Stage: Eric Johnson

Credit Hawaii Theatre for Youth

Hawaii Theatre for Youth has turned the story of Thumbelina into a real-time, live-action storybook.

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Civil Beat Reality Check: Judicial Pensions

Rep. Andria Tupola, speaking on the House floor Tuesday, tried unsuccessfully to kill a bill that scales back the pensions of judges.
Credit Cory Lum/Civil Beat

An effort is underway to lower the rate of pensions awarded to state judges, but no other employees.

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Using Stage Performance to Reduce Sexual Assault: Jill Loftus

Performers with Pure Praxis incorporate audience members into each performance as a means of educating them on a particular issue.
Credit Pure Praxis

The U.S. Navy is changing the way it educates sailors and marines on sexual assault and harassment, using a novel new approach.

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From Refugee to Jazz Fame: Anna Danes

Anna Danes (L) in the studio.
Credit Anna Danes

Anna Danes’ family fled communist-dominated Poland. She had made her way to America and became a lawyer when she identified an unexpected talent.

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