The Conversation: Wednesday, July 5th, 2017

Jul 5, 2017

CSIS North Korea: Brad Glosserman; New Movement of Young Organic Farmers: Pam Boyar

Credit Wikimedia Commons

CSIS North Korea: Brad Glosserman

Credit Wikimedia Commons

North Korea’s latest ICMB test came as America marked its independence... and in the week the President announced the end of US patience with North Korea.

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New Movement of Young Organic Farmers: Pam Boyar

Credit Pamela Boyar

There’s a new generation returning to the land, embracing organic farming as a way of life. We’ll get the view from the farmers’ market.

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Civil Beat Reality Check

Credit Wikimedia Commons

Hawaii Senators Brian Schatz and Mazie Hirono are increasingly taking to social media to make their own tweet points over immigration, the travel ban, and health care. And they are getting media attention.

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The Long View w/ Neal Milner

Credit Wikimedia Commons

As the full Supreme Court opinion on the travel ban is yet to come, how will the Court’s decision affect public opinion?

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Priory, 150 Years of Girls’ Education: Dr. Ruth Fletcher

Credit Ruth Fletcher

The former St. Andrew’s Priory, 150 years along, is now three schools; we’ll review its changing legacy with its new head of school.

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