The Conversation: Wednesday, June 21st 2017

Jun 21, 2017

Compassion and Choices: John Radcliffe; Paradise Cove: Drew Broderick

Credit Pixabay

Compassion and Choices: John Radcliffe

Credit Aubrey Hawk

The choice for terminal patients to take their own lives went down to defeat again this year in Hawaii State Legislature session. Advocate and stage 4 cancer patient John Radcliffe joins us today to talk about how he's dealing with it. 

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Paradise Cove: Drew Broderick

Credit Noe Tanigawa

PARADISE COVE is a Hawaii-based art collective. They create temporary experiences that encourage people to think critically about Hawaii.

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Civil Beat Reality Check

Credit Wikimedia Commons

During 19 months beginning in April 2015, eight inmates in local prisons died of unnatural causes.

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The Long View: Neal Milner

Credit The Blue Diamond Gallery

Asian discrimination gets a modern twist in new research about the California suburb with the highest Asian population. Contributing editor Neal Milner talks the long view with some lessons for Hawaii.

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Smithsonian Hawaiian Art show ’Ae Kai: Nai’a Lewis & Kālewa Correa

Credit Nai'a Lewis

Laboratories aren’t just for scientists--the Smithsonian Culture Lab Project is coming to cause sparks at the former Foodland in Ala Moana Center from July 7-9!

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