Hōkūleʻa Heads to the Marquesas

Mar 27, 2017

Crew members with a unique photo opportunity on Pitcairn Island.
Credit ʻĀina Paikai / ʻŌiwi TV

Last week, Hikianalia departed Honolulu to meet up with the Hōkūleʻa on the last legs of the worldwide journey.  Meanwhile, the Hōkūleʻa is still making its way to French Polynesia. We caught up with Captain Russell Amimoto just as they were arriving in Pitcairn Island.

Credit ʻĀina Paikai / ʻŌiwi TV

Our travels have been great, we’ve had a mix of weather. Some really good sailing weather and some really, really calm days with not much wind at all. Few big rain squalls that come through with some lightning storms off in the distance.

Beautiful sights, we ran across a pod of Sperm whales yesterday before we got to Henderson Island. Maybe about eight sperm whales that traveled right under the canoe. We’ve seen fish jumping all over the place, birds, caught a few fish early on in the voyage.

And the crew we have out here is really awesome. Everybody’s working hard, we’re all learning a lot out here, we’re all sharing with each other, and taking care of each other. It’s been a great experience for me, as a learning experience, and something I can’t wait to come home and share about.

Credit ʻĀina Paikai / ʻŌiwi TV

The crew has been great and they’ve really made this trip what it is, and made it as great as it is. We have great musicians on board, been playing music, everybody’s in good spirits as far as talking story and sharing with each other. Yeah, we don’t have very many dull moments or quiet moments on board, there’s always a lot of conversations going, music.

So yeah, we’ve been keeping busy and the crew is definitely made a big difference on our morale on board and kept us happy and smiling and laughing. We’ve had really good food on board, which also is a good perk for our voyages. We’ve all been switching off and taking turns cooking a variety of food.

Credit ʻĀina Paikai / ʻŌiwi TV

So we have a set menu of six days that rotates through and everybody just interprets how that menu is going to look. So we have things like salmon patties with mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables. We have spaghetti, we do curry that we add chicken or something else to that. Yeah, it’s just, there’s always something different and it’s cool having different people cook food. It’s a little bit different every time, it’s been very creative, make use of what we got and it’s been awesome. Nobody’s losing weight on board.

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