Helping Hand - Best Buddies Hawaii 2016 Friendship Jam

Oct 7, 2016

Credit courtesy of Nik Lacchin

Helping Hand welcomes back Best Buddies Hawaii, who help create opportunities for friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for those with intellectual disabilities, ahead of their 5th Annual Friendship Jam, Wednesday October 12 at the Elks Lodge in Honolulu. HPR ATC Host Dave Lawrence speaks with Sarah Man, State Director of Best Buddies Hawaii.

Helping Hand is a weekly feature airing statewide on HPR1 stations each week and then all the segments are archived online here. Every Friday afternoon, Helping Hand puts the spotlight on an organization topic or event that offers assistance to the disabled and the most vulnerable.   

Contact Best Buddies Hawaii:


Phone: (808) 545-3025 in the Honolulu area, (808) 242-6962 in the Maui area.


Also find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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