Pearl Harbor Voices: Life After the Attack

Dec 8, 2016

Credit NPS Archive

This week we’ve been marking the 75th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, in part by hearing the voices of many who lived through that day and the weeks and years that followed.

For residents of Hawai‘i, the attack marked a turning point.  Life changed in many ways—including the way people went about their daily activities.  Our Morning Edition host Derrick Mālama heard some details about that from his mother, Annie Shirabe Mālama.

Every day, people living in Hawai‘i were reminded that they were at war.  John Henry Felix talked about that in a conversation with HPR’s Bill Dorman.

Martial law was lifted in Hawai‘i in October, 1944.  Two years later, the Supreme Court ruled the imposition of martial law was unconstitutional.