Sailing Into Warmer Waters, Hokulea Says Aloha To Miami

Dec 5, 2016

Credit Oiwi TV / Kaipo Kiaha

Hōkūle‘a is back in warmer waters. The voyaging canoe arrived in Miami over the weekend. We caught up with crew member Shantell De Silva as part of our ongoing series, Hōkūle‘a: Voyage of Aloha.

Hokulea crew members pass the time by playing chess with seashells.
Credit Oiwi TV / Kaipo Kiaha

On Florida's warmer weather:

“We started in VA with freezing temperatures of 30 degrees. And as we’ve been coming down the coast —North Carolina, South Carolina — it was still cold. But once we reached Florida, it started to warm up. The temperature is maybe 67 degrees in the morning and warms up through the afternoon. Currently we’re in West Palm and it is 81 degrees. So it’s a nice change from the cold gear that we’ve been wearing to shorts, slippers and t-shirts.”

Credit Oiwi TV / Kaipo Kiaha

On passing the time aboard Hōkūle‘a:

“I’ve been writing in my journal daily to keep track of all of these stops, all of these counties we’ve been passing through. It’s been very interesting with the crew. We had Uncle Wayne playing Hawaiian music. And at night when we come into dock, there’s a lot of talk story as we get to know each other.”

On keeping connections at sea:

“I’m excited to be home as well to see our families. But we’ve been sharing all of our stories on the phone with them. I got a chance to speak to my students at Kamehameha Schools. It was a nice sight to see my kids. I carried around a pink flag that’s the color of our dorm with their signatures and it was to represent that they were here with me. I’ve been taking pictures of all the different marinas and planning to share with them those photos. That is what they wanted to do: they wanted to be a part of the voyage and I was happy to do that with their names on the flag. And I’ll be returning it to them with the crew signatures and putting it up on our wall. They were a big part of this voyage for me.”

Credit Oiwi TV / Kaipo Kiaha

Hōkūle‘a will travel next to Key West and then on to Panama. The crew expects to return to Hawai‘i in June of next year.

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