State Representative Beth Fukumoto Resigns From GOP

Mar 22, 2017

Representative Beth Fukumoto resigns from GOP.
Credit Wayne Yoshioka

State Representative Beth Fukumoto announced today she is resigning from the Republican Party following two months of input from her Mililani constituents.   She says her troubles with the Hawai’i GOP started a while ago but came to a head when Donald Trump won the Presidency.

“The things that have given rise to President Trump; that have allowed him to win the Republican nomination having said some of the things he said about women and minorities and people with disabilities – those are things that reflect on the party more than on just him.  It says that we weren’t willing to stand up to it.  You’re an average person voting for President Trump; I don’t think they thought through all of this but the Republican Establishment knew what was happening.  They knew what was wrong.  And instead of trying to speak out against what he was doing, they picked political power and winning over what I believe was the right thing to do.”

TAG:  Fukumoto served 8 years as a GOP member, the last 5 as a Representative in the state House.  She plans to submit an application to join the Democratic Party of Hawai’i.