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Station Day/Time Station Day/Time
All Things Considered HPR-2 Weekdays Noon-2 HPR-1 Weekdays 12pm
HPR-1 Weekdays 4-6pm HPR-1 Weekdays 4-6pm
BBC World Service HPR-2 Weekdays Midnight -6am HPR-1 Weekdays midnight-5am
  HPR-2 Weekdays 10-11am HPR-1 Saturdays 1-5am
  HPR-2 Weekdays 2-3pm HPR-1 Sundays 2-5am
  HPR-2 Tue, Wed 7-8pm    
Body Show, The HPR-2 Mondays 5-6pm HPR-1 Mondays 6:30-7pm;
repeats Sundays 10-10:30am
Bytemarks Café HPR-2 Wednesdays at 5-6pm HPR-1 Wednesdays 6:30-7pm;
repeats Sundays at 10:30am
Counterspin HPR-2 Wednesdays 6:30-7pm   Audio Archives
Conversation, The HPR-2 Weekdays 8-9am HPR-1 Mon-Wed, Fri 11am-noon;
repeats Mon-Wed, Fri 7-8pm
Fresh Air HPR-2 Weekdays 3-4pm HPR-1 Weekdays 3-4pm
Hawaiian Word of the Day HPR-1 Weekdays 7:30am & 5:29pm HPR-1 Weekdays 7:30am & 5:29pm
  HPR-2 Weekdays 7:59am HPR-2 Weekdays 3pm
Helping Hand HPR-1 Fridays during 5pm hour HPR-1 Fridays during 5pm hour
Here and Now     HPR-1 Weekdays 10-11am
Humankind HPR-2 Mondays 6:30-7pm HPR-1 Tuesdays 6:30-7pm
Left, Right & Center HPR-2 Fridays 6:30-7pm HPR-1 Fridays 6:30-7pm
Living On Earth HPR-2 Mondays 4-5pm   Audio Archives
Marketplace HPR-2 Weekdays 6-6:30pm HPR-1 Weekdays 6-6:30pm
Morning Edition HPR-1 Weekdays 5-8:30am HPR-1 Weekdays 5-9am
New Dimensions HPR-2 Sundays 11am-noon HPR-2 Sundays 4-pm
On Being with Krista Tippett HPR-2 Sundays 10-11am HPR-2 Sundays 3-4pm
On The Media HPR-2 Fridays 5-6pm   Audio Archives
On Point     HPR-1 Mondays-Thursdays 2-3pm
Science Friday HPR-2 Fridays 9-11am HPR-1 Fridays 1-3pm
Stargazer HPR-1 Mondays at 5am, 7am, 4:30pm HPR-1 Mondays at 5am, 7am, 11:35am, 4:30pm
  HPR-2 Mondays at 8:35am, 1:30pm HPR-2 Mondays at 5pm
Tech Nation HPR-2 Wednesdays 4-5pm   Podcasts
The Takeaway HPR-2 Weekdays 9-10am HPR-1 Weekdays 9-10am
Town Square HPR-2 Thursdays 5-6pm HPR-1 Thursdays 11am-noon;
repeats Thursdays 7-8pm
Weekend All Things Considered HPR-1 / HPR-2 Saturdays noon-1pm HPR-1 Saturdays & Sundays 5-6pm
  HPR-1 Sundays noon-1pm    
Weekend Edition HPR-1 Saturdays 7-10am HPR-1 Saturdays & Sundays 5-9am
  HPR-1 Sundays 6-8am    
  HPR-2 Saturdays 5-9am    
  HPR-2 Sundays 5-10am    
With Good Reason HPR-2 Thursdays 6:30-7pm   Audio Archives
World, The HPR-2 Weekdays 11am-noon HPR-1 Weekdays 1-2pm
Station Day/Time Station Day/Time
Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center HPR-1 Sundays 6-7pm HPR-2 Saturdays 8-9am
Chicago Symphony HPR-1 Wednesdays 8-10pm HPR-2 Wednesdays 8-10pm
Classical 24
formerly referred to as "Music Through the Night"
HPR-1 Mon-Fri 10pm-5am;
Sat 11pm - Sun 6am;
Sun 11pm - Mon 5am

Mon-Thu 10pm-8am;
Fri 10pm – Sat 5am;
Sat 11am-1pm, 11pm – Sun 8am; Sun 11pm – Mon 8am

Classical Guitar Alive HPR-1 Saturdays 11am-noon HPR-2 Saturdays 7-8am
Classical Pacific     HPR-2 Weekdays 3-6pm
Collector's Corner HPR-1 Tuesdays 8-10pm HPR-2 Tuesdays 8-10pm
Early Muse, The HPR-1 Sundays 9-10pm HPR-2 Saturdays 6-7pm
Evening Concert HPR-1 Weekdays 6-8pm HPR-2 Weekdays 6-8pm
Exploring Music HPR-1 Weekdays 2-3pm HPR-2 Weekdays 2-3pm
From The Top HPR-1 Saturdays 10-11am HPR-2 Saturdays 10-11am
Harmonia HPR-1 Sundays 4-5pm HPR-2 Saturdays 10-11pm
Howard's Day Off HPR-1 Saturdays 5-7am HPR-2 Saturdays 5-7am;
repeats Sundays 5-7pm
Masterworks Hour HPR-1 Weekdays 3-4pm    
Millenium of Music HPR-1 Saturdays 10-11pm HPR-2 Saturdays 9-10pm
Morning Café /
Morning Concert
HPR-1 Weekdays 8:30am-noon HPR-2 Weekdays 8am-noon
Hearts of Space HPR-1 Sundays 10-11pm HPR-1 Saturdays midnight-1am
New Sounds HPR-1 Sundays 8-9pm HPR-2 Sundays 10-11pm
New York Philharmonic HPR-1 Thursdays 8-10pm HPR-2 Thursdays 8-10pm
Performance Today HPR-1 Weekdays noon-2pm HPR-2 Weekdays noon-2pm
  HPR-2 Weekdays 6-8am    
Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra HPR-1 Mondays 8-10pm HPR-2 Mondays 8-10pm
Singing and Other Sins HPR-1 Sundays 7-8pm HPR-2 Saturdays 5-6pm
Sunday Baroque HPR-1 Sundays 3-4pm HPR-2 Sundays 12-3pm
Sunday Brunch HPR-1 Sundays 9am-noon HPR-2 Sundays 9am-noon
SymphonyCast HPR-1 Sundays 1-3pm HPR-2 Saturdays 7-9pm
The Metropolitan Opera HPR-1 Saturdays 1-5pm HPR-2 Saturdays 1-5pm
The San Francisco Symphony HPR-1 Fridays 8-10pm HPR-2 Fridays 8-10pm
The Score HPR-1 Saturdays 5-6pm HPR-2 Saturdays 9-10am
With Heart and Voice HPR-1 Sundays 8-9am HPR-2 Sundays 8-9am
Writer's Almanac HPR-1 Weekdays at 9am & 7pm HPR-2 Weekdays at 9am & 7:06pm
Station Day/Time Station Day/Time
A Prairie Home Companion HPR-1 Saturdays 6-8pm HPR-1 Saturdays 6-8pm
  HPR-2 Sundays 6-8pm HPR-2 Sundays 6-8pm
Ask Me Another     HPR-1 Saturdays noon-1pm
Dinner Party Download HPR-2 Saturdays 3-4pm   Podcast
Freakonomics Radio HPR-2 Thursdays 7-8pm HPR-1 Sundays 11am-noon
New Letters on the Air HPR-2 Tuesdays 6:30-7pm   Audio Archives
Radiolab HPR-2 Saturdays 10-11am HPR-1 Saturdays 10-11am
Says You! HPR-2 Thursdays 4-5pm HPR-1 Thursdays 6:30-7pm
Selected Shorts HPR-2 Tuesdays 5-6pm   Audio Archives
Studio 360 HPR-2 Fridays 4-5pm   Audio archives
The Big Listen     HPR-1 Saturdays 4-5pm
The TED Radio Hour HPR-2 Sundays noon-1pm HPR-1 Saturdays 3-4pm
The Moth Radio Hour HPR-2 Saturdays 2-3pm HPR-1 Saturdays 2-3pm
The New Yorker Radio Hour HPR-2 Fridays 7-8pm HPR-1 Sundays 9-10am
The Splendid Table HPR-2 Saturdays 9-10am HPR-1 Saturdays 9-10am
This American Life HPR-2 Saturdays 1-2pm HPR-1 Saturdays 1-2pm
Travel with Rick Steves HPR-2 Tuesdays 4-5pm HPR-1 Sundays noon-1pm
Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me! HPR-2 Saturdays 11am-noon HPR-1 Saturdays 11am-noon
Weekend Radio HPR-1 Sundays 5-6pm   Audio archives
Station Day/Time Station Day/Time
American Routes HPR-2 Sundays 8-9pm   Audio archives
Applause in a Small Room HPR-2 Sundays 4-5pm HPR-1 Sundays 4-5pm
B-Sides and Beyond HPR-2 Fridays 10pm-midnight HPR-1 Sundays 10pm-midnight
Bluegrass Breakdown HPR-2 Sundays 11pm-midnight   Listen Live
Blues from the Basement HPR-2 Sat 10pm - Sun 2am HPR-1 Sat 10pm - Sun 2am
Brazilian Experience HPR-2 Saturdays 4-6pm HPR-1 Sundays 6-8pm
Bridging the Gap HPR-2 Saturdays 6-8pm HPR-1 Weekdays 10pm-midnight
Evening Jazz HPR-2 Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays 8-10pm HPR-1 Mondays-Thursdays 8-10pm
Fascinatin' Rhythm HPR-1 Saturdays 9-10pm   Playlists
  HPR-2 Sundays 4-5pm    
Full Nelson HPR-2 Sundays 10-11pm   No archive is available
Jazz After Hours HPR-2 Mondays-Thursdays 10pm-midnight   Listen
  HPR-2 Saturdays midnight-5am    
Kanikapila Sunday HPR-2 Sundays 1-4pm HPR-1 Sundays 1-4pm
Latin Beat HPR-2 Wednesdays 8-10pm HPR-1 Fridays 8-10pm
Sinatra: The Man and the Music HPR-2 Sundays 5-6pm HPR-2 Sundays 9-10pm
The Real Deal HPR-2 Fridays & Saturdays 8-10pm HPR-1 Saturdays & Sundays 8-10pm
Thistle and Shamrock HPR-1 Saturdays 8-9pm   Audio archives