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State Homeless Coordinator; Sea Turtle Assessment; Artists for Social Justice

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Homeless Safe Zones and Sit-Lie Bans

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Wikimedia Commons

How do you find a way to keep your elderly loved one safe at home or even go to a nursing home when they need it?  Next time on The Body Show talking with experts about patient advocacy and how knowing what to do now, might just make all the difference in to the future.

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Maui Sand Mining; Waimea High Truancy Pilot Program; Evolution of Sponsorship in Surfing

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Electric America; Clean Power Plan in Hawaii; Combating Little Fire Ants

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Wikimedia Commons

  Today on Bytemarks Café, we’ll hear about a new wireless broadband network built exclusively for first responders. This Public Safety network will enable first responders like police, fire and emergency management to communicate seamlessly and securely with each other.

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Helicopter Tour Lawsuit; Pidgin in Education; Marching Against Domestic Violence

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‘SlutWalk’ Comes to Honolulu; Disaster Preparedness; City Crackdown on Rentals

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Wikimedia Commons

The opioid epidemic has helped expand the focus on treatments for chronic pain both physically and pharmacologically. Today on The Body Show, Dr. Kathy Kozak will talk with an expert about the personalized approach needed to treat pain safely and effectively for all of us.


Kaka’ako Park Closure; Queen Lili’uokalani; Talking to North Korea


Gun Violence in Hawaii; Over-Fished Reefs; Service-Based Journalism

Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently

Chronicling the Rise of ISIS in Syrian and Asia; Funding the Arts


Northwest Hawaiian Islands Coral Health; Economic Slowdown; Gender Pay Gap

Kamea Hadar

Presidential Visit to Asia; Mural Ownership Rights; HECO Customer Scam

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Defending Civil Liberties; Getting Help with a Downpayment; Girl Scouts in Hawaii


Jones Act Waiver; STEM in Space; Japanese Puppetry

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Citizen Journalism in Raqqa; Regulating the Hana Highway; Thoughts on Poetry

Tech. Sgt. Kathrine Dodd / Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency

Repatriating American Remains; ‘Grow Our Own’ Campaign; Waimea High Ag Program

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ACA Repeal and Hawaii; Aging with Dignity; Hawaii’s Wood Show

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Wikimedia Commons

With the current crisis in the use of opioid pain medicine, what can people with acute and chronic pain do to feel better? Today on The Body Show, we'll talk to laser expert Les Iczkovitz about a new FDA approved laser treatment and how this novel therapy might just be the next frontier for pain relief and long term control.

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Sustainable Tourism; Changing Face of Tourism; “Harvey” On Stage

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HI-SEAS; Big island Tourism; Hana Flights

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Wikimedia Commons

  Today on Bytemarks Café, we’ll hear about the formation of a new organization called the Computer Science Teachers Association. We’ll hear from the organizers about the importance of computer science and the role it plays in the future of our students.

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Myanmar Unwound; Oil Refining in Hawaii; Sustainable Tourism


Global Food Production; Sustainable Tourism; Big Wave Surfing for Women

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Deporting Veterans; Resilient Cities; Politics of Tourism

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Wikimedia Commons

Bones break, especially in an accident, but did you know that kids bones heal differently than adults? Listen in on the latest with Dr. Byron Izuka, pediatric orthopedic surgeon, about how to take care of an injury, and when surgery might be needed, versus when it's better to just let nature take care of itself.

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Ala Wai Upgrades; Veterans Remember Vietnam; Peace Corps Memoir

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Push to Drive Electric; Psychology of White Collar Crime; Author Jaimal Yogis

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Blue Coat Photos / Flickr

  Today on Bytemarks Café, we’ll find out about a new organization focused on providing cyber security threat mitigation, education and economic development. We’ll hear from the organizers of Cyber Hawaii whose mission is to develop and enhance Hawaii’s cyber security capabilities.