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Latin Beat Show 6-29-18

Jun 30, 2018

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Jun 25, 2018

Latin Beat Show 6-15-2018

Jun 18, 2018

Ray Cruz reviews the latest Salsa releases along with the Spotlights of the week featuring all new music and the weekly dose of Classic Salsa.

Nick Yee
Nick Yee

So I spent last week running around Havana Cuba, smoking cigars, drinking rum, and listening to music. It was an eye opening experience, both good and bad.  So tonight's playlist will be made up of music that was stuck in my head throughout my travels...becoming a natural soundtrack.  I should note here, that it's not going to be entirely Cuban music, as all sorts of crazy things get lodged in your brain when you travel. 

Doing a Latin Music two-step tonight for Bridging the Gap... playing two songs from a country before jumping to the next.

Tom Lehman
Tom Lehman

So talking to Ray Cruz (Host of Latin Beat, Friday's from 8-10pm), I was inspired by is story of his father using a Pilón at home to mash up cooking spices.  I was inspired of the idea of taking spices, or in the case of this show, music and mashing it up to make something tasty.  So the music will be a mixture of Latin Boogaloo, Brazilian Samba, and some favorite flips and remixes.  

Tonight on Bridging the Gap, were keeping it nice and mellow in the first hour, then breaking into some stiff jazz in the second hour.

Jeroen Komen / Flickr
Jeroen Komen / Flickr

One of Cuba’s top percussionists is making a stop this week in Hawai‘i.

Pedrito Martinez is a percussionist and bandleader who blends complex percussion arrangements, his distinctive tenor, and the Afro-Cuban music of Santería.

Where Credit Is Due
Where Credit Is Due

Since Hurricane Ana is luckily passing us by, tonights show is going to be eclectic, with a light rainy theme...

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Set List:
Hour 1 

Bridging the Gap- September 13th, 2014

Sep 13, 2014
Michelle Yokota
Michelle Yokota

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Hour 1

Bridging the Gap - August 30th, 2014

Aug 30, 2014

  FINALLY! The 1st Bridging the Gap Show streamed. 

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 Hour 1