HPR's Spring 2017 Pledge Drive

Apr 21, 2017

Hawai‘i Public Radio’s Spring 2017 fundraiser is on.  We have just 10 days to raise $900K and we can only do that with your help. 

To donate call:
HPR-1: 944-8800
HPR-2: 941-3689

It's Friday, and Day 3 of the HPR Spring 2017 Pledge Drive... which means I'm following Latin Beat w/ Ray Cruz... which means it's a whole night of upbeat party jams.

The number to call to support Bridging the Gap as well as ALL the programing on HPR is:
(808) 941-3689

Or pledge online at

Hawaiʻi Public Radio, Two Turntables, and You!


Hawaii Public Radio has unveiled a new and improved smartphone app which coincides with the HPR Program Realignment. The new platform offers live streaming of both HPR-1 and HPR-2, as well as on-demand content.  Listeners can also share local news stories or NPR content, find program schedules, even make donations to the station.


Search for it on the App Store (iOS devices) or Google Play (Android) under "Hawaii Public Radio." The app is free to download.


HPR’s 35-Year Mini-Drive Comes to an End

Nov 17, 2016

Hawaiʻi Public Radio’s 2-day mini drive finished at 6:54 p.m. with $67,891 raised in 48 hours.

We would like to thank all our members for the years of support that has allowed us to survive for 35-years, as well as grow to provide two streams of programming to the entire state of Hawaiʻi.

We’d also like to thank listeners for their patience during these last two days. 

HPR's 35 Year Celebration Mini-Drive

Nov 15, 2016

It’s a big week for Hawaii Public Radio. We’re celebrating the completion of having both HPR streams available across the Hawaiian Islands, and we turned 35!

HPR's Fall 2016 Drive Comes to an End

Oct 21, 2016
Don Mussell
Don Mussell

It’s a historic day for Hawaii Public Radio.  The Fall 2016 Pledge Drive came to an end after a 10-day campaign, with a total of $872,162 raised, and a record 922 new members added. 

Ok sexy people, tonight's the night to make a pledge for Bridging the Gap on Hawaiʻi Public Radio-2 (89.3fm) by calling 941-3689 between 6-8pm.

I'm raffling off the Turkey Hat at the end of the show to a listener… as well as giving out fast drive premiums filled with mixes, and local music (for a minimum $5/month donation). #supportHPR


We examine the future of Nationalism, changing political landscapes, and the rejection of Globalism with professor Jairus Grove.

Call in to help support our show: (808) 941-3689

Or pledge on-line at

Today on Bytemarks Café, we’ll take a listen back to some of our favorite segments from the last 6 months.

Call in to help support our show:

(808) 941-3689

Or pledge on-line at

HPR’s Fall 2016 Pledge Drive

Oct 11, 2016

Hawai‘i Public Radio’s Fall 2016 fundraiser is on.  We have only 10 days to raise $936K and we can only do that with your help.

To donate call:
HPR-1: 944-8800

HPR-2: 941-3689

Tonight's session of Bridging the Gap will incorporate songs from my recent Fall Mix, as well as other seasonal offerings and up coming features.

If you want to support this show, mark your calendar for Saturday October 15th, from 6-8pm. 

We did it! After 10 days of pitching, and overwhelming community support, Hawaii Public Radio’s Spring 2016 pledge drive has come to an end.  We had a goal of $961,000, and with your help (at the last count) we raised $963,751 ($2,751 over goal). 

We'd like to thank everyone for your generous donations to Hawaii Public Radio.  We'd also like to thank our General Manager Michael Titterton for his years of service to make HPR what it is today. 

If you have any questions concerning any gifts or memberships, please call 955-8821

Don Mussell
Don Mussell

Construction has begun on HPR’s new facility on Kulani Cone perched above Hilo on Hawai'i Island.  It will deliver a better signal for KANO (HPR-1) and finally bringing HPR-2 to East Hawaiʻi on KAHU.  

This long process involving fundraising, extensive lease negotiations, and transporting equipment through rain forests, is coming to an end.  Over the last few days, we’ve been removing the previous tenant’s equipment and bringing in our own.  If all goes well we should be on the air in a few weeks!

Thank you so much to everyone who pledged for my show during this Spring 2016 pledge drive!  The show was an incredible success and I couldn't have done it without your generous support!

Hawai‘i Public Radio’s Challenge 2016 spring fundraiser is on.  We have only 10 days to raise $961K and we can only do that with your help.

The Radio-Philes: The Truth is Out There

Apr 5, 2016

April 15, 2016  
Goal: $961,000  
Raised to date: $963,751

(updated April 15, 6:00 pm) 

Read press release.

You can still donate and become a member on our secure online pledge form.  

nick Yee
nick Yee

We Did It!

Hawaii Public Radio’s Challenge 2015 Pledge Drive came to an end after an 11-day campaign, with more than 998K donated!

The station would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who pledged early and during the drive, to all of the volunteers, the restaurants that donated food, and to everyone for listening. 

Some footage of the final moments shot by Chris Vandercook: 

  THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who pledged to Bridging the Gap! We made goal, and a lot more!
A huge thanks to Equus Hotel & Hawaii Polo Club for their donations to the show and Matt Duffy, Mark Tarone and Ray Cruz for guest hosting. Finally, Thank You to Sarah and KTUH for answering the phones. 

And we’re off! HPR’s Challenge 2015 Pledge Drive is on. But the length of the drive is up to you. Help us shorten the drive, and return to regular programing… It’s your call.

To Pledge Call:
HPR-1 (808) 944-8800
HPR-2 (808) 941-3689

Or pledge ON-LINE

HPR’s B-Side Campaign

Dec 11, 2014
Phyllis Look
Phyllis Look

Hawaii Public Radio kicks of its B-Side end of year fundraising campaign.

To get us off to a strong start next year, we're re-opening the phone lines for only three days. We're calling this "The B-Side Project" because it's the "flip-side" of a regular pledge drive and because we want you BESIDE us every step of the way. Call to make your end-of-year contribution and speak to one of our friendly volunteers or donate at

Celebration 2014: Closing time-- Finished!

Oct 16, 2014
Jason Taglianetti
Jason Taglianetti

  Hawai‘i Public Radio’s fall fund drive finished in dramatic style at 7:45 a.m. on Thursday, October 16. The drive had been suspended at the end of the previous Friday, the tenth and presumed final day of the drive, with a shortfall of nearly $232,000 on the $1.03 million goal. The station returned to the air on the morning of Wednesday, October 15 with “Celebration 2014: Closing Time,” a planned two- to three-day extension of the original campaign.

The Celebration 2014 Pledge drive came to an end on Thursday, October 16th, at 7:45 in the morning.  Hawai'i Public Radio had previously suspended the drive after a shortfall of nearly $232,000. The station returned to the air four days later to seek the remaining funds needed, and eventually exceeded the $1.3 million goal by $7,131.

Hawaii Public Radio’s Celebration 2014 Drive is underway!

For a little over a week, HPR will be conducting a pledge campaign to pay for programming and operating expenses. 

The theme for this campaign is “Fiercely Individual”—celebrating the sprit of those who think a little different, and a little smarter. People like you.

We want to finish the drive as soon as possible so we can return to uninterrupted programming. 
If you listen, think about becoming a member. 
If you're a member think of signing up a friend. 

Hawaii Public Radio’s WEfficiency fundraiser

May 21, 2014 - Loan a little... Save a watt

Hawaii Public Radio along with Damien High School and the YWCA of Oahu is taking part in a new energy saving campaign called WEfficiency.  It's a new crowd-funding tool that enables nonprofits to install energy efficient equipment that will lower electricity bills and reduce our carbon footprint. Hawaii Public Radio will be using the funding to install new low energy lights into our studio and offices. 


In a flurry of phone calls, Hawaii Public Radio ended its Challenge 2014 pledge drive.  In all, we raised over one million dollars to keep programing and news on the air.  Hawaii Public Radio would like to say thank you to our wonderful members and listeners who made this accomplishment possible!

  Beijing is closer than you think...

And if you are a Hawaii Public Radio supporter, it can be even closer. 

Hawaii Public Radio will be giving away a round-trip pair of tickets to Beijing.   A donation of any amount enters you into the sweepstakes, or just call the station during business hours (808) 955-8821.

 All donations to enter must be made by Thursday, March 27th. 

Instagram / Hipubradio
Instagram / Hipubradio

Some folks wait until January 1st to make a new year’s resolution, but not Hawaii Public Radio!

With your help we’ll check off the list an early resolution to gather 100 gifts of support before 2014 even begins.

Enthusiastic HPR volunteers will be in the studios December 30th from 6 am to 4 pm and December 31st from 6 am to Noon to accept your tax-deductible contribution at (808) 941-3689 or, we invite you to make a gift on-line.

Think about why you’ve listened to HPR throughout the year – it’s for the times you’ve laughed listening to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me or cried listening to StoryCorp on Morning Edition. It’s for the times you’ve turned to Hawaii Public Radio to discover great music, enjoy familiar favorites and draw inspiration from the music you love.  It’s for the times you’ve needed to know about the events that change and shape our lives, and for all those driveway moments.

Pledge Drive Ends On Schedule, Breaking Records

Apr 15, 2013
Challenge 2013 ends on day with a record day of pledges
HPR Staff

Grand Total of $959,649 Breaks All Records