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Nine UH Hilo students are in school courtesy of a scholarship program that covers not just their university education, but also some broader lessons. The students are starting on a summer adventure designed to further their learning. HPR's Sherry Bracken tells us more.

A recent study found the state of Hawaii needs hundreds of additional doctors to meet the needs of residents. The problem is particularly severe on the neighbor islands. But a group of military reservists is teaming up with local agencies to provide a dose of short-term relief for Maui and Hawaii County. From the Big Island, Sherry Bracken tells us more.

Molokai's Soaring Electric Rates

Jun 3, 2013

As the state moves forward with its goals of reduced dependence on fossil fuels, Molokai is already on target with the lowest energy consumption in the state and an active discussion of the island’s energy needs and future. Catherine Cluett reports from The Molokai Dispatch.

After more than two decades of planning, a permanent college campus near Kona Airport has broken ground. The school brings the promise of more educational opportunities to students living on the West side of Hawaii Island. From the Big Island, HPR's Sherry Bracken gives us an update.

Flickr / Gouldy99
Flickr / Gouldy99

One of the most dangerous roadways in the state is getting close to being completely revamped. That was a goal of the late Senator Daniel K. Inouye. One part of the reconstruction will be done in three months...and then there's only one section to go. From Hawaii Island, HPR's Sherry Bracken gives us an update.

It’s Wednesday, May 22 – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Keeping up the fight to keep Ho'opili out

Robert Harris is the Director of the Sierra Club Hawaii Chapter. He grew up in Kailua, attended UH from undergraduate days through law school. He serves on several boards and commissions, including the Hawaii State Bar Association and says if necessary, his organization will take the Ho'opili Koa Ridge case all the way to the Hawaii Supreme Court.

Flickr / whatstaiters
Flickr / whatstaiters

One of the most important duties of those who care for Hawaii's highest peak is conserving the natural resources. That includes both keeping invasive species out, and replanting endangered species. From Hawaii Island, HPR's Sherry Bracken tells us more.

A musician who had a big impact on the music world has passed away on Hawaii Island, but left a legacy of familiar sound behind.  From the Big Island, HPR's Sherry Bracken tells us more.

Molokai Golden Eyes Go National

May 20, 2013
Flickr / Randomskk
Flickr / Randomskk

A team from Molokai represented the state of Hawaii at a national First Lego League robotics competition in California last week. Catherine Cluett reports from the Molokai Dispatch. 

Hawaii County will soon get a brand new beach park just south of Kona Airport. But before the county can accept it, there is important work going on. From Hawaii Island, HPR's Sherry Bracken tells us more.

It's that time of year, when Mayors submit their budgets to County Councils. In Hawaii County, the main headline from Mayor Billy Kenoi's budget is a proposal to raise property taxes. From the Big Island, HPR's Sherry Bracken tells us more.

Hawaii may seem like an unusual location for a scholarly conference on the Emancipation Proclamation. But when that measure became law 150 years ago, it resonated across the islands. From Hawaii Island, HPR's Sherry Bracken tells us more.

Flickr / wormwould
Flickr / wormwould

A troublesome visitor has landed on the west side of the Big Island of Hawaii. The little fire ant has been on the Hilo side of Hawaii Island, on Maui, and Kaua'i, for years. And now, as of just a few months ago, it's appeared in Kona. From Hawaii Island, HPR's Sherry Bracken tells us more.

Since 2002, the Big Island Drug Court has provided a path for non violent criminals to become productive members of society. One of the requirements of the stringent process is for participants to help their community. From Hawaii Island, HPR's Sherry Bracken tells us about one such work project.

This is graduation time for everybody from kindergarten to college.  Hawaii Community College designs some of their end of year ceremonies for both East Hawaii and West Hawaii students to be uniquely Hawaiian.  HPR's Sherry Bracken was at the West Hawaii ceremony and tells us more.

Hawaii Island has three major acute care hospitals. Those are facilities that can take care of patients suffering a severe injury, illness, or trauma. Kona Community Hospital serves patients from the Ka'u District through North Kona, and has been improving its services. HPR's Sherry Bracken gives us an update.

Keahuolū Interpretive Center

When Hawaii Island's newest highway was built, workers unearthed a number of historical artifacts. Now they'll be housed in a new Hawaiian preserve and cultural interpretive center. From Hawaii Island, HPR's Sherry Bracken tells us more.

Tourism has been growing on all islands across the state, but in some places, there's more room to grow.  That's certainly the case on the Big Island of Hawaii.  HPR"s Sherry Bracken has more from Kona.

Molokai's Sacred Rainforest

Apr 17, 2013

  Next Monday is Earth Day. And while there will be various celebrations around the state, the event will also be marked in an ancient rainforest on the island of Molokai. Catherine Cluett has more from the Molokai Dispatch.

Tomorrow night begins the first night of competition for the week-long Merrie Monarch Hula Festival in Hilo.  From Hawaii Island, HPR's Sherry Bracken gives us an update on some of the festival's most challenging aspects.

Hawaii agriculture officials say that in the 1970’s, there were 120 milk operations around the state. Today, there are only two. And they’re both on the big island of Hawaii. HPR's Sherry Bracken has more.

According to a recent report by the state, the number of cattle raised in Hawaii decreased steadily for about thirty years, starting in 1970. There’s been a bit of an increase since about 2002, and today cattle are raised on each of the major islands. But on Hawaii Island, the industry is facing some challenges to its growth. HPR’s Sherry Bracken reports.