Bridging the Gap ~ Fall 2017 Premiums!

Sep 27, 2017

Bridging T-Shirt ($12.50/mo pledge)

The Bag-O-Swag

It's Pledge Drive and we're asking for your support not only for this show but also for the entire station.

The EXCLUSIVE gifts for this show are: 
~Limited edition Bridging the Gap "Listen to Public Radio" T-Shirts for a pledge of $12.50/mo. (women's sizes too)
~A BONUS "Bag-O-Swag" filled with a "loaded" USB bottle opener flash drive, stickers, and button for all pledges over $10/mo.
~All pledges during my show are invited to the (Live) djmrnick HPR Halloween Party in the Atherton Studio. 

The number to call to support Bridging the Gap as well as all the programming on HPR is:
(808) 941-3689 or Pledge Online HERE