Bridging the Gap ~ Fall 2018 Premiums!

Sep 27, 2017

Bridging T-Shirt ($12.50/mo pledge)

The Bag-O-Swag

It's Pledge Drive and we're asking for your support not only for this show but also for the entire station.

The EXCLUSIVE gifts for this show are: 
~Limited edition Bridging the Gap "Listen to Public Radio" T-Shirts for a pledge of $12.50/mo. (women's sizes too)
~A BONUS "Bag-O-Swag" filled with a "loaded" USB bottle opener flash drive, stickers, and button for all pledges over $10/mo.

Or check out the regular HPR gear.  

The number to call to support Bridging the Gap as well as all the programming on HPR is:
(808) 941-3689 or Pledge Online HERE