The Conversation: Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

Feb 7, 2017

Domestic Violence and Future Crime; Pearl Harbor Shipyard Hiring Challenges; Science Fun for Kids and Adults

The USS City of Corpus Christi, a Los Angeles Class fast attack submarine, in dry dock for repairs at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

Pearl Harbor Shipyard Hiring Challenges: Robert Lillis

Workers at the Pearl Harbor shipyard inherit the legacy of a facility that was pivotal to naval success in the Pacific during World War II.
Credit Wikipedia

There are jobs available, the federal hiring freeze does not apply and there is a Honolulu Community College program to train skilled workers. So why is it so tough for the Pearl Harbor shipyard to reach full employment? We called the union, which represents some of the shipyard workers to get a better understanding of the situation. Robert Lillis is President of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers.

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ISIS-Inspired Historical Fiction: Mike Bond

'Assasins' looks at the rise of modern Islamic terrorism through the lens of fiction.
Credit Mike Bond

Mike Bond is a Hawaii-based novelist who uses the art of fiction to take us behind the headlines, based on his experience as a well traveled journalist.  His latest novel is ‘Assassins’ and it looks at what he sees as decades of policy decisions and mistakes that fueled the rapid growth of ISIS.

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Civil Beat Reality Check: Housing Solutions

State Senator Will Espero
Credit Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Funds to build new affordable rental units just is not enough according to one lawmaker and it is why Sen Will Espero wants to float general obligation bonds to meet the housing shortage. Civil Beat reporter Chad Blair has the reality check.

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Domestic Violence as a Criminal Issue: Mitch Roth

Domestic violence may be as good a predictor of future crime as drug and alcohol abuse.
Credit Pixabay

On your list of predictors of crime, you might call out poverty, alcohol and drug abuse. A recent Harvard and Northeastern University study would add domestic violence. In the researchers' view, interpersonal violence is a harbinger of more serious crime. Hawaii Island prosecuting attorney Mitch Roth would agree, and he says we need a larger conversation that goes beyond domestic violence as a women’s issue.

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Maui Science Center Launch Lab: Rimma Murta

The Maui Science Center's Launch Lab will allow participants to explore the principles of aerodynamics in a fun way.
Credit Maui Science Center

What kid has not wondered, at one time or another, what makes things fly?   The science of aerodynamics has fascinated many of us growing up. The Maui Science Center’s Launch Lab gives kids and their parents a chance to design and build aircraft and test it in a wind tunnel, and Science Center director Rimma Murta is bringing it to Kihei, Maui this weekend.

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