Thank You Gift List

Apr 10, 2018

$10/month ($120/year) {choose one}:
HPR Coral Reef Logo Socks. American made with yarn proudly sourced in the U.S.A. One size fits most.

1-Pair of Atherton Tickets. Good for an HPR Summer 2018 Atherton concert.

$15/month ($180/year):
New York Times All-Access Digital Subscription. 1-yr unlimited digital access to and NYTimes apps for smartphones and tablets. Anytime. Anywhere.

$20/month ($240/year):
2 Pairs of Atherton Tickets. Good for HPR Summer 2018 Atherton shows. 

$30/mo ($365/year “A-Dollar-A-Day”):

Eton Emergency Radio. FR1. The multi-powered, smartphone-charging, emergency radio. 

3 Pairs of Atherton Tickets. Good for HPR Summer 2018 shows in the Atherton Studio. 

$100/month ($1,200/year) {choose one}:
Atherton Season Pass for 2. A pair of tickets per event for the entire HPR Summer 2018 Season.