The Conversation: Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

Mar 29, 2017

Positive County Health Report; Hawaii’s History of Changing Parties; Throwing Pottery While Feeding the Hungry

A submission from the 2012 Empty Bowls Project, which is an annual nationwide effort to feed the hungry.
Credit AustinPexels

Health Report of Hawaii Residents: Julie Willems Van Dijk

Credit Pixabay

An annual report on the health of residents in each county across the country shows positive signs for Hawaii’s counties.

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Throwing Pottery and Feeding the Hungry: Tricia Beaman

Credit Hawaii Potter's Guild

Every two years the Hawaii Potters Guild “throws” and event to help feed members of the community who don’t have enough to eat.

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Civil Beat Reality Check: Hawaii Community Development Authority

Credit Anita Hofschneider / Civil Beat

Many residents were enraged when not a single board member of the Hawaii Community Development Authority was present at a planned community meeting.

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History of Changing Political Parties: Gerald Kato

Credit Republican Party of Hawaii/Democratic Party of Hawaii

Beth Fukumoto’s recent decision to leave the Republican Party and join the Democratic continues a long tradition of party hopping by Hawaii politicians.

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Opening the Arts to the Disabled Community: Lily Raabe

Creative communities ado not always open their doors to people with disabilities, but a theater performance in Hilo next aims to right that imbalance.

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